We’re a leading supplier of natural and synthetic architectural theming materials. These include bamboo and eucalyptus poles, fencing, thatch products, and much more. Whether you are an Architect, Designer, General Contractor, or Project Manager, we have the materials to bring your next project's theme to life.


At amaZulu, Inc., we provide a variety of products as well as turnkey services to theme park, hospitality, entertainment, and other commercial industries. We also help individual consumers turn their homes and backyards into unique environments. Watch the short video to see some of our products and applications. Visit our blog to learn more about the industries we work with, how our products are made, and some innovative projects. And please join our email list so you’ll never miss an informative post on theming, design, sustainability, natural materials, authentic environments, and much more.

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So whether you are building a resort, specifying your next commercial landscaping project, or looking to turn your backyard into a tropical paradise, you are in the right place. amaZulu can help you make it happen!