Welcome to amaZulu’s gallery of project photo’s! As you peruse through these inspirational tropical themed ideas, you will be looking at sustainable materials imported from all around the world. We have carefully selected the manufacturers who produce our eco-friendly, high quality, building materials as well as the villages around the world who harvest our natural materials. Enjoy!


Hotels & Resorts

Resort environments are one of our largest market sectors as our materials are designed for theming. Page through the gorgeous results in the gallery.



Time for a home makeover? Our products are perfect for adding a theme to a room or giving walls and ceilings an accent talking point. Spend more time outdoors by creating a summer kitchen or your piece of paradise! Flip through this gallery for inspirational ideas.


Restaurants need to stand out and create a warm ambiance for patrons. Our materials make it easy for Architects and Designers to create unforgettable settings. See some examples in the gallery.


Retail Stores

When shoppers are in an authentic and one-of-a-kind environment, they feel both comfortable and excited. They also spend more money. See some unique shop ideas in our gallery.


Custom Weaving

when amaZulu was asked us to create something that was “out of this world,” we completely embraced it.  See our gallery of woven baskets and ceremonial totems.  amaZulu, Inc. works with skilled artisans in factories overseas to create the custom weaving.  Each piece is as unique as the artisans’ imagination.


Custom Projects

We love to rise to the challenge. We also treasure the opportunity to create something unique and memorable. See what we can do in this case study.


Theme Parks, Water Parks & Attractions

When people go to an attraction, they want to escape their daily life and experience an adventure. Our products are as authentic, exotic, and exciting as the countries they come from. See them in action in the gallery.


Zoos & Aquariums

When you visit a zoo, wouldn’t you hope that the animals you are learning about are in an environment that simulates their natural surroundings? At amaZulu, we pride ourselves in supplying authentic materials to theme exhibits with thatch roofing, eucalyptus fencing or bamboo shade structures. Visit the gallery and explore some ideas for use in your Zoo.