Thatch Reed Panels

Created from a natural reed which is bonded together with a flexible urethane top, our Thatch Reed Panels are ideal for indoors and outdoors to create a beautiful and refined thatch setting. These panels are nearly waterproof and generally last between four and five years, depending on the climate.

Thatch Reed Panels

  • Thatch reed panels are 5% to 10% cooler than regular shade materials.
  • Panels are 99% waterproof when installed 12” on center.
  • Will last four to five years depending on the location. Hot, dry climates are best.
  • Available in a 31” x 16” x 1.5” panel.
  • 12” of the reed is exposed.
  • Panel covers 2.5 square feet.
  • Panel weighs 10 lbs.
  • Six panels are in one box.
  • Reed poles are bound together using a flexible two component polyurethane mixture, reinforced with shade cloth that is glued together at one end.

Quick and easy to install. No special tools or skills are needed.

Thatch reed panels can be clipped over 1/4” or 8mm steel rods or attached with 2” or 50mm nails or staples to wooden battens. We suggest installing the thatch reed panels on a pitch of 30 degrees. The steeper the pitch the longer the panels will last. Please refer to the diagram below for more information.


How do I install the thatch reed panels on my existing roof?

You will need to attach a grid structure to the roof before installing the thatch to allow for water to flow underneath the panels. Attach the thatch reed panels directly to the grid structure.

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