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Faux Bamboo Custom Made to Order

Posted on: January 23rd, 2012

Reliable Faux Bamboo: Custom Made and Guaranteed

Often we are asked about our natural products lacking exact dimensions. They are unique by virtue of the way they grow or are fabricated with natural material.  They are natural after all, and only as perfect as Mother Nature allows!  Our solution with Faux Bamboo poles compensates for the effects of randomness. They do not crack or split in extreme weather conditions when coated with a marine grade finish.

The poles are aesthetically designed to cover unsightly metal poles, load-carrying beams, and other kinds of posts. The illusion of faux bamboo poles makes sense when natural products will not suffice.

A versatile solution

Made of PVC pipe that is tastefully painted to imitate Bamboo Cane, our Faux Bamboo Poles are made to complement any natural theming project, especially when your structures require more fortified support.

Faux Bamboo is a versatile “man-made” product and has a clean hollow core and natural façade, which can be used to sleeve structural poles and I-beams. It can also cover metal fence posts that support bamboo fencing as well as hide loose cables.  And it can be split to snap over support structures and be “glued back together”.

On their own, our faux bamboo poles are not load-bearing.  Just the same, like natural bamboo, they are somewhat pliable and bendable to conform to the core structure they cover.  The finish is UV-stabilized with an acrylic clear coat finish that is immune to outdoor withering such as the wind, humidity, and rain.

Color or hues are available in black, green, blue, red and original, which is our most popular color. The finishes mimic natural bamboo.  End caps are also available to provide a finished transition end.

When you need well-engineered material to meet building codes and retain the “natural look and feel of natural bamboo”, faux bamboo poles ideally fill the void to complete your project.

More Benefits of Faux Bamboo

  • It can be custom made so you can achieve your vision with ease.
  • It allows for running your data and power wiring. Your installation will look neat and tidy while its users can enjoy electronic entertainment.
  • Since the product is straight and artificial, it can be wrapped around beams. You get a clean look for your installation.

Are you ready to use Faux Bamboo?

If you’re interested in using bamboo, we would love to help you!

Contact us today for more information on our bamboo products or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309. Or take a look at a full list of our bamboo products.

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