The Look of Thatch

Posted on: February 6th, 2012

This month we’re showcasing our number one product, thatch.  As one of the oldest building materials in the world, few materials can add the beauty and rustic charm to a resort, zoo, theme park or home.  Natural thatch is a reliable insulation material, most often made of palm or reed materials, and its performance depends on the roof shape and design, pitch of the roof, the topography and geography as well as the quality of the material and expertise of the thatcher.  Replicating thatched buildings is part of many theme parks and zoos and resorts throughout the world; architects and designers are tasked with re-creating buildings such as English pubs and European barns, to Polynesian or African Villages.

We have the materials or access to products that will meet any need required.

We will showcase our inventory over the next several weeks as we build excitement toward our newest artificial thatch products, which are certified for building codes with fire, wind, UV ratings, and guaranteed to remain certified for 20 years.  In this day and age of eco-friendly materials, our variety of product both natural thatch and artificial thatch will meet your needs.  Follow our blog to learn more.

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