Posted on: April 23rd, 2012

Have you ever thought about the word “scape” and wonder how it can stir your imagination?  There are landscape, rockscape, and hardscape businesses that inspire a vision of natural beauty.  But what about “roofscapes”?  Now there is new world!  When you think about some of your favorite roof designs, what do you picture?  Texture, color, architectually complimenting, authenticity?  And how about the necessities of safety, heating and cooling and just being green for the future?  Besides the usual considerations of durability, lasting protection, as well as installation ease, quality and value are inherent to your decision.That’s why you must look at our roofing systems in slate and shake.  It’s an art to deliver on a vision for the ideal roofscape.   amaZulu “roofscapes” in slate and shake reflect the most beautiful and natural complement to any building regardless of its vintage.Our architecturally textured tiles are made in the USA and will impress you with the specifications for a “faux” roof shingle.  Top that!

The technical performance to sustain a natural look is simply unsurpassed.  Coupled with the engineering of our Faux Cedar Shake and Faux Slate tile includes a natural looking surface texture, realistic colors that are color safe with UV inherent to the tile.

Topping it off:  When it comes to meeting building code, you won’t find anything quite as compliant here in the US.  Truly “Miami-Dade” metrics:

  • Durability of our shingles include Class A fire rating,
  • Class 4 Impact rating and 110 mph Wind rating, all worthy to any roofing material, especially being impervious to harsh winters.

The real value is the 50 year warranty!  Our roofscape systems are available in faux slate and shake shingles with multiple widths, colors and sizes that are durable by design and reflect the realistic textures and look of a natural roof.  Call us for an estimate and talk to our product specialists to help you with design and color combinations that will “top off” any structure at  877-243-5309.


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