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Eucalyptus Timber-Tribal and Rustic Fences

Posted on: September 24th, 2012

Proven Eucalyptus Timber-The Lowdown on Authentic Tribal and Rustic Fences

Eucalyptus, affectionately known as “Eucy” here at amaZulu, is in high demand for construction projects. The many uses of eucalyptus timber include tribal fencing and rustic fences. These types of eucalyptus fences are prevalent in zoo exhibits, water parks, and African themed venues throughout the world. Eucalyptus fencing is popular because it’s sustainable, natural and eco-friendly. The perfect combination.

Why Eucalyptus timber is perfect for your fencing projects

Eucalyptus poles are naturally straight which adds unprocessed characteristics to a structure.  Rustic eucalyptus fencing is ideal for creating an authentic barrier between two exhibits or as a way for crowd control.

Our African Safari rustic fencing is made from either arsenic-free eucalyptus poles or solid bamboo poles, designed in a unique African style. It is a very durable product and has a charming rural presence.

Our Eucalyptus Rustic Fencing provides an island feel to any space in need of privacy. Our poles are pressure treated to be arsenic-free and are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The panels have been designed with a flexible galvanized rod that allows the fencing to be molded to any curved walkway.

Eucalyptus Timber fencing is a sturdy yet aesthetically appropriate solution for your next project. Be sure to give it the consideration it merits.

rustic fences

Learn more about Eucalyptus which is used in our Rustic Fencing in this video

More benefits of Eucalyptus Timber

  • Eucalyptus is classified as a hardwood providing structural supports for buildings.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes from 1”- 8” in circumference and 8’ to 18’ in length.
  • Eucalyptus can be pre-fire retarded and impregnated at the time of pressure treatment to make a safer product. The treatment will not wash off.
  • It is sustainable, versatile, beautiful, and perfect for your next project.

Are you ready for Eucalyptus?

If you’re interested in using eucalyptus wood, we would love to help you!

Contact us today for more information on our Eucalyptus products or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309.

You can also visit Pinterest and check out some of our work with eucalyptus poles. Get your imagination stirring!

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How does it benefit the environment?

amaZulu, Inc. has hand selected manufacturers who produce eco-friendly, high quality natural architectural materials. Our selection presents a dynamic list of options when considering the environment.

At amaZulu, Inc., we extend our legacy beyond business to the community when we partner with domestic and international organizations that create economic opportunities to reduce poverty. We help improve the lives of the people who grow and produce our products.

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