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How to Install our Eucalyptus Trellis

How to Install our Eucalyptus Trellis: Sink Eucalyptus support posts (5-6″) at least 2′ into the ground and secure with  concrete Lay out Eucalyptus cross beams (2-3″) to make sure you know which poles will be spliced if need be Attach the outside Eucalyptus beams first to the upright posts to form a frame    […]

seagrass mats

What You Didn’t Know About Seagrass Mats

 Seagrass Mats Will Surprise You Seagrass is a natural material that can be used as a wall or floor covering. Surprisingly, seagrass mats have many creative applications for commercial and residential projects. Seagrass mats are not just for projects with a tropical vibe. Depending on how the edges and seams are finished, it also works […]

I’ve Heard Bamboo is the Strongest Woody Plant on Earth – Is this True?

When a pro-cycler raced on a bike made of bamboo a few years ago, Newsweek magazine said this was one early sign that “bamboo may be the most useful raw material ever to be overlooked.” They went on to celebrate bamboo’s entrée into Western architecture: “As the world goes green, however, bamboo’s essential qualities are […]

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Building with Eucalyptus Wood

Useful Information – Building with Eucalyptus Wood When you’re searching for eco-friendly building materials, you don’t have to sacrifice other construction qualities. Many companies are entertaining the thought of building with eucalyptus wood as an alternative to traditional wood.  Eucalyptus wood, a fast-growing hardwood, is sustainable because new growth only takes a few years to […]

canvas umbrellas

Why Use Thatch Umbrellas over Regular Canvas Umbrellas?

It’s undeniable that canvas umbrellas come in so many different colors and sizes, but nothing creates a more tropical environment than using thatch umbrellas. We’ve outlined a few reasons why thatch umbrellas are better than using ordinary canvas umbrellas.  Either natural thatch umbrellas or synthetic thatch umbrellas are equally sought after over canvas umbrellas.  Hopefully, […]

Natural Bamboo Poles

Natural Bamboo vs Faux Bamboo

The Truth About Bamboo: Strong Natural vs. Useful Faux Bamboo can be used for all kinds of building projects, whether residential or commercial. In both cases you have the option to incorporate natural or faux bamboo, Depending on your application, you may use both as each has distinct uses and advantages. There are benefits to using both […]