Bamboo, the Renewable Resource

Posted on: March 18th, 2013

Because it is used as a building material, many people mistake bamboo for wood, but it is actually a large type of grass. Were you to view bamboo from above, you would notice it’s grass-like form: the “trunk” is thickest at the base and then gradually becomes more slender and wispy toward the tip. Just like smaller grasses, it sways and whistles when wind breezes through it.

Several varieties make great timber due to their strength. ‘Giant Japanese Timber’ bamboo has straight, thick-walled culms (culms are to bamboo as blades are to grass)–good for splitting into boards. ‘Slender crook stem’ bamboo originates from China and is also very hard and durable, ideal for building and many other uses.

The quality of these bamboo species cannot be matched by wood, in part because of their amazing weight to weight ratio, and also because of how quickly they can be regrown after harvest. To replace a forest of pine, spruce, fir, cedar or hemlock could take 30 years or more. Bamboo takes less than a third of that time to grow to maturity. This ability to grow fast makes bamboo groves more efficient.

Increased environmental awareness has alerted us to the problem of deforestation: when forests are cut down and little is left behind. Because plants–especially large trees–clean the air, cutting down trees decreases air quality. Also, trees absorb great quantities of hydrogen and give off oxygen: this balance is tampered with thanks to deforestation. The removal of trees devastates natural animal habitats, and because of how slowly new trees grow, animals must permanently abandon their homes when trees are cut down. Conversely, bamboo regrows so quickly that animals aren’t permanently displaced.

If you’re in the market for timber for a construction project, consider bamboo. Strong, sustainable and lightweight, bamboo is your best choice.

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