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What You Didn’t Know About Seagrass Mats

Posted on: March 28th, 2013

 Seagrass Mats Will Surprise You

Seagrass is a natural material that can be used as a wall or floor covering. Surprisingly, seagrass mats have many creative applications for commercial and residential projects.

Seagrass mats are not just for projects with a tropical vibe. Depending on how the edges and seams are finished, it also works with rustic or modern designs.

Beyond its great looks, it’s important to about the other features of Seagrass Mats.

What are the properties of Seagrass?

Seagrass is non-flammable because of its high silicon content, giving it an edge over sisal. Seagrass has a long history of use in building projects.

It’s a staple material for housing insulation because it is effective at trapping heat or cold. It is also popular due to its non-flammable properties. This ability is hard to replicate among natural materials.

Another useful property is that seagrass mats are resistant to spills. They grow in water after all.

How are Seagrass Mats made?

amaZulu’s Seagrass Mat is woven in a herringbone pattern. Mesh size and color can vary from batch-to-batch, as this is a natural product. Like all mats made of vegetable fibers, slight weaving and shade irregularity are common characteristics. They add authenticity to the product.

Fading due to direct exposure to sunlight is uniform, resembling the tones of unfinished wood.

Why does using Seagrass Mats benefit the environment?

amaZulu, Inc. has hand selected manufacturers who produce eco-friendly, high quality natural architectural materials. Our selection presents a dynamic list of options when considering the environment.

At amaZulu, Inc., we extend our legacy beyond business to the community when we partner with domestic and international organizations that create economic opportunities to reduce poverty. We help improve the lives of the people who grow and produce our products.

Are you ready to use Seagrass Mats?

If you’re interested in our mats, we would love to help you! amaZulu, Inc. offers high-quality products for all of your eco-friendly and exotic projects.

No matter your style, budget, or the lifespan of your project, you can count on us to be your supplier of choice.

Contact us today for more information or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309.

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