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How Long Does a Thatch Roof Last

How Long Does a Thatch Roof Last?

A thatch roof has the distinct advantage of being both an insulated roof and a beautiful, athletically-pleasing ceiling. amaZulu, Inc. carries several kinds of thatched roof materials that are both decorative and utilitarian. Some of our thatch roofing panels can be used on top of existing roofs to achieve a certain look, and some are for […]

Benefits of Sustainable Materials: Bamboo

Discover the Benefits of Remarkable Bamboo Why is it important to use sustainable woods in building construction? If you are working toward LEED certification, materials make an enormous difference. If you are concerned about the deforestation of slow-growing trees, you should know your other options. When you scrutinize the qualities that various woods have, you […]

Bamboo Facts

Bamboo Facts and Myths Exposed!

We understand that the plethora of information on the internet has a few bamboo facts mixed in with some bamboo myths.  We are here to set the record straight with these bamboo myths by offering bamboo facts.   Bamboo Facts vs. Bamboo Myths Myth: Bamboo is susceptible to insects. Bamboo Fact: Both true and false. Bamboo’s […]

eucalyptus myths

Eucalyptus Myths Debunked

Here Are Some Sensational Myths About Eucalyptus. We Debunk Them. Because Eucalyptus wood is new to the U.S. commercial market, there are some unfortunate myths about it. Ones that may cause you to doubt its effectiveness and reliability for construction. Below, read amaZulu’s responses to the most common bits of misinformation out there. Myth: Eucalyptus […]

Thatch Tiki Umbrellas

Natural Thatch Tiki Umbrellas: Reed or Tahiti Thatch

When looking for tropical building materials for your hotel or resort, many developers and builders choose natural thatch tiki umbrellas.  Did you know, natural thatch tiki umbrellas are naturally 98% waterproof? This means they can stand up to the elements come sun or rain. Wicker and other natural materials can’t stand the test of time […]

eucalyptus wood

Product Spotlight: Using Eucalyptus Wood – A Sustainable Hardwood

Shining a Light on Wonderful Eucalyptus Wood When you’re searching for eco-friendly building materials, you don’t have to sacrifice the other qualities you want. Eucalyptus wood, a fast-growing hardwood, is sustainable because new growth only takes a few years to mature. It is desirable because, unlike other timbers, it has very little taper over long […]

thatch designs

Ideas for Incorporating a Tiki Umbrella into Your Backyard

If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a tropical escape, try one or all of these three ways by using a tiki umbrella cover.  Our thatch tiki umbrellas are perfect for your backyard, and here’s why: 1. TIKI BAR If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, you can easily set up your own tiki bar– complete with […]

Decorative Bamboo

Using Decorative Bamboo For Your Home Or Business

Feng Shui design expert Laura Benko, based out of Brooklyn, New York, considers the importance of colors, textures and materials in her work. “Elements from nature like fresh flowers, driftwood and geodes create and expansive, lively and fresh energy,” she says. And that includes usign decorative bamboo. Many types of bamboo can be used to mimic […]

Thatched Roof Construction

Thatched Roof Construction: The Sustainable Roofing System

Architects and developers understand the power of design for a building and it’s surroundings.  Certain designs elicit certain responses. Warm colors make you feel cozy. Lots of glass and metal suggest seriousness. Thatched roofing sends a message, too: time to relax and unwind. Thatched roof construction is especially popular with bungalows and villas.  A favorite is also gazebo […]

How Eucalyptus Sizes Up To Traditional Wood

How Eucalyptus Wood compares to Other Hardwoods Why is it important to use sustainable woods in building construction? If you are aiming for LEED certification, the building materials you choose make a huge difference. If the deforestation of slow-growing trees worries you, you should explore other options such as eucalyptus wood. Is Eucalyptus Wood Sustainable? […]