Thatch Tiki Umbrellas

Natural Thatch Tiki Umbrellas: Reed or Tahiti Thatch

Posted on: May 17th, 2013

When looking for tropical building materials for your hotel or resort, many developers and builders choose natural thatch tiki umbrellas.  Did you know, natural thatch tiki umbrellas are naturally 98% waterproof? This means they can stand up to the elements come sun or rain. Wicker and other natural materials can’t stand the test of time when exposed to weather.  Instead, natural thatch is made of reeds that. when bound together, resist penetration by water. That makes thatch tiki umbrellas perfect for poolside resorts and other guest outdoor entertainment areas.  

Benefits of Natural Thatch Tiki Umbrellas

Thatch Tiki Umbrellas are Sustainable

Our thatch tiki umbrellas are made from natural reeds that are plentiful and regrow quickly, so you can be confident that you’re working with a sustainable thatch material that is NOT harming the environment.

Natural Thatch Umbrellas are Cooler

A tiki umbrella cover produces a cooler shade (approx. 10-15 degrees cooler) opposed to the canvas umbrellas.  With tiki thatch umbrellas, warm air can escape through the thatch. The difference makes a big impact: in the shade of a thatch umbrella, you’ll experience total relaxation instead of sweltering heat.

Little to No Maintenance

Another great feature of our thatched umbrellas is that they can be installed once and left open. They don’t have to be opened and closed daily because the clipped panels on the rebar flex to allow for wind. That give prevents wind uplift–an important practical aspect to our umbrella line. This diminishes the wear and tear on the umbrella as well as the time you spend putting umbrellas up and down. The pins and fittings on typical canvas market umbrellas break often because they need to be opened and closed daily.

Relaxing Mood

Many hotels and resorts choose natural thatch tiki umbrellas because they set the mood for a relaxing tropical experience. Close your eyes and picture a Key West resort or a beachside retreat in Hawaii. 

Additional Reading about Natural Thatch Tiki Umbrellas

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