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thatched building at a theme park

Incorporating Thatch into Theme Parks and Resorts

How to Use Sturdy Thatch in Theme Parks and Resorts One of the most loved decorative materials used in theme parks and resorts is thatch. Whether it’s a thatch roof or thatch reed panels, this material creates a tropical feel and adds a shady place for visitors to cool off. What are some applications for […]

faux bamboo poles

Uses of Artificial Bamboo For Your Residential or Commercial Project

At amaZulu, we love bamboo in all its forms. Bamboo can be used for all kinds of building projects, whether residential or commercial. In both cases. you have the option to incorporate natural or faux bamboo (also known as artificial bamboo). As experts on the subject, we believe in artificial bamboo for its many attributes. […]

Natural Bamboo Screen

The Advantages of Using a Natural Bamboo Screen as a Garden Fence

When creating a backyard garden, it is essential to think about the materials you want to use as your garden walls and fences that will best suit your requirements. The materials you choose will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space. If you already have certain elements like a chain-link […]

Using Bamboo In Your Kitchen

When you are considering remodeling your kitchen, look at the latest design trends. Eco-friendly materials are the focus of most designers today because a sustainable design is the only way we can preserve the environment for generations to come. It used to be that by choosing eco-friendly materials you might have to give up on […]

Natural Bamboo Poles

Product Spotlight: Natural Bamboo Poles as a Construction Material

Amazing Yet Affordable Natural Bamboo Poles At amaZulu, we supply both synthetic and natural bamboo poles.  We provide a variety of options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Common uses for natural bamboo poles include bar fronts, fence panels, tiki roof supports, wall treatments, and much more. Why are natural bamboo poles beneficial? Natural bamboo […]

What Climate Will My Natural Bamboo Survive?

What Climate Will My Natural Bamboo Survive? Our lives are so busy that we have little time for D.I.Y. projects. And you might think hiring a contractor is easier and takes less time, but finding the right company and overseeing their work is also demanding. That’s why when we do commit to home improvements, we […]