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bamboo garden poles

4 Innovative Uses for Bamboo Garden Poles

Gardeners fall into a few groups: those who get their inspiration through traveling to see the great gardens of the world; gardeners who peruse Facebook or Pinterest for garden ideas posted by their friends; and gardeners who learned gardening traditions passed down from their families. Whichever category you belong to, you’ve likely seen bamboo garden […]

The Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Resources

Help yourself and the planet with environmentally friendly resources As our population grows and more of the world’s surface is covered with our buildings, it becomes ever more important that we safeguard the earth’s natural resources. One resource we cannot do without is trees, which clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. Because we do […]

Creating an Eco-Friendly Environment for your Spa

Think of the great spas of the world, like Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize or Como Shambhalla Estate in Bali, and you will recognize they have three things in common: distinctive design features, lush gardens and eco-friendly materials used for the construction of architectural elements and decor both indoors and out. Because your surroundings are such […]

4 types of tiki huts

Tiki Huts Transform Any Outdoor Space to a Tropical Paradise

The Interesting History behind Amazing Tiki Huts Many architectural expressions have their roots in history and many of them stay local. But tiki huts, with origins in Polynesian design and style, are quintessentially American. Tiki huts have sparked the idea of a carefree island culture in the American imagination before the 20th century. Where are […]

Faux Roofing Tiles

The Advantages of Faux Roofing Tiles – Faux Slate Roof Tiles

Take a drive through the Hamptons next time you’re on Long Island, and you won’t be able to escape the houses roofed with cedar shake roofing shingles. If you’ve always coveted that style, you might have second thoughts about actually taking the plunge because of the maintenance required. However, faux roofing tiles, like cedar shake […]