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4 Innovative Uses for Bamboo Garden Poles

Posted on: July 30th, 2013

Gardeners fall into a few groups: those who get their inspiration through traveling to see the great gardens of the world; gardeners who peruse Facebook or Pinterest for garden ideas posted by their friends; and gardeners who learned gardening traditions passed down from their families. Whichever category you belong to, you’ve likely seen bamboo garden poles used for many purposes in the garden.

When harvested, bamboo poles come in a variety of different lengths and diameters, making them a versatile material to use in your garden. Not only are bamboo garden poles functional, but they’re also beautiful. Because they are natural, they blend with your beautiful plants. Plastic plant cages and trellises, for example, are quite unattractive. But a teepee of bamboo poles tied at the top with twine serves as lovely support for flowering vines, nasturtium, tomatoes and more.

  1. Do you have a vine plant like a bougainvillea that you need to tame? Use bamboo garden poles to create a ladder up the side of a wall and gently adhere the vines to the frame with twine or twist ties to control the shape. Using this method, you can cover an entire wall, framing the windows, with gorgeous bougainvillea blooms.
  2. Build a bamboo trellis with 1” solid bamboo poles to make a lattice structure for shade either over a patio area or a single garden bench. The structure becomes a focal point with the added advantage of supporting plants. Jasmine is a great option for this kind of structure since anyone sitting beneath the trellis will be able to smell the strongly-perfumed scent.
  3. Bamboo poles are commonly used to create garden fences and gates. Be unique and use a variety of various diameters of bamboo poles for depth, texture to create a conversation piece. After all, a  bamboo fence can be more than just a fence. It can be art!
  4. For commercial gardeners, bamboo garden poles and bamboo fencing are a less-expensive and eco-friendly alternative to other types of material to protect your garden and to maintain the health of your plants. Landscape Architects use bamboo poles for a variety of commercial applications from railings along a pathway, screens to create a backdrop for large potted plants and even a parrot perch in a tropical avery!

Natural bamboo garden poles cannot be inserted into the ground over a long period as it sucks up the moisture, so make sure there is a waterproof base to protect the poles near the ground.  See our tips on how to maintain a garden fence.

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