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Creating a Backyard Getaway with Bamboo Privacy Fence

Posted on: August 27th, 2013

Often, the magic of a vacation is the seclusion, that feeling of “getting away from it all.” Leaf through the pages of Travel & Leisure and you’ll notice that most of the stories cover trips to peaceful, luxurious destinations. Only a small percentage of the stories are about city vacations. When a stressful day at the office or carpooling kids make you wish for a night off, a bamboo privacy fence can help.  Consider the benefits of creating a backyard oasis with a simple addition of a bamboo privacy fence. Incorporating a tiki fence in your backyard is easier than you think.

Installing private bamboo fencing is the first step in making your backyard a tropical oasis. Bamboo is a sustainable building material since it’s a grass rather than a type of wood.  For those who are environmentally conscious, considering bamboo for fence materials is a solid choice.

By installing a bamboo privacy fence, you can create a unique, rustic atmosphere for your garden or a secluded retreat for your patio. Imagine bamboo fence panels high enough to block out unwanted views entirely–like your neighbor’s air conditioning unit or trash can.  Would you like to diminish street noises, yet still have a tropical view in your backyard? Other fences look and feel foreign in the home landscape, while bamboo fits right in. Bamboo is available in a variety of distinct designs and patterns. It’s easy to create a striking yet fully functional bamboo privacy fence.

Tonkin Bamboo Fence Panel with wooden framing_1


One of the major benefits of a bamboo privacy fence is that it boosts curb appeal. If you want your street-side view to be unique or you are considering selling your home, bamboo is a less-expensive route to go than other options. If you’re concerned about the bamboo fence cost,  you don’t have to hire a contractor to install the fence for you. It’s a great D.I.Y. project that you and a friend can knock out in a day. For a great price compared to traditional wood fences, bamboo privacy fencing can provide you with the additional security and privacy you want around your home.

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