Thatched Roof Pavilions

Outdoor Living: Thatched Roof Pavilions

Posted on: September 20th, 2013

Several places where thatched-roof pavilions are readily incorporated are hotels, resorts, outdoor yoga pavilions, parks, and residential backyards. Skim through the pages of any home decorating or gardening magazine and you’re bound to find at least one thatched-roof pavilion in the mix. Why? Because each of these locations is designed for both recreation and relaxation and in such settings nothing functions as well as a source of shelter and ambiance that a thatched-roof pavilion.

Palm thatch is a popular material used around the world to create natural, durable roofing for a variety of structures. What makes palm thatch so ideal is that it holds up to most weather conditions, provides excellent circulation, and is beautiful and sustainable at the same time.

Whether in Asia, the Americas or any other locale, landscape architects and designers have come to rely on thatched roofs for pavilions and cabanas in a variety of landscape settings.

The genius of thatched-roof pavilions is that they are so versatile. They can accommodate large groups or several small groups; they work for both commercial and residential properties, and they adapt to a range of design styles to complement a site’s architecture.

Whatever you decide to use your thatched-roof pavilion for, you will certainly enjoy the cool and serene environment it provides any type of property. Adding a thatched roof pavilion to your construction project creates a beautiful outdoor living area for any type of occasion and can be used year-round in all types of weather.

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