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eucalyptus wood durability

Eucalyptus Wood Durability: Perfect for Zoo Construction Projects

Animal housing provides a safe and natural habitat for animals living in a zoo for a number of reasons. Whether they are being rehabilitated for release in the wild, studied for scientific purposes, or bred to ensure the ongoing success of their species, animals have very specific housing needs. Successfully building these projects can be […]

green building materials

Truths and Myths about Green Building Materials

Separating fact from fiction for green building materials Many construction companies are going green and seeking out sustainable, renewable resources to use in their commercial projects. That’s because their clients have come to understand that that planet is impacted by construction choices. Still, some companies think that using green building materials are too expensive, and […]

synthetic thatch umbrellas

The Surprising Perks of Synthetic Thatch Umbrellas

Have you ever been to a tropical resort that didn’t have thatch umbrellas near the pool or overtop outdoor tables? Probably not. That’s because nothing supports a tropical theme like thatch.  These tropical thatch umbrellas are available in natural and synthetic.  However, this article will discuss the benefits of using synthetic thatch umbrellas.   Reasons to use […]

faux bamboo poles

Are Faux Bamboo Poles a Good Option for Outdoor Construction?

Faux Bamboo Poles as an Outdoor Construction Material Faux bamboo poles are an excellent option for architects and builders who want more control over the bamboo building material.  Faux bamboo poles have also been called fake bamboo sticks as well as artificial bamboo.  While we’ve seen these fake bamboo products, they are definitely not the […]

Bamboo Construction Materials

How Bamboo Construction Materials Can Enhance Your Restaurant

Bamboo construction materials such as solid bamboo poles or Tre-Gai bamboo can be used to create a tropical environment for any restaurant. These natural bamboo poles will enhance any environment with their rich colors and durability. If you have a tropical-themed restaurant, bamboo can be a great touch for reception stations and design accents, giving […]

building with bamboo

Maintenance Tips to Increase The Lifespan of Bamboo Fences

If you’ve chosen bamboo as your fencing material, you already know it can be long-lasting. You’ve done your homework and discovered that with some upkeep and maintenance, bamboo fences can look great for years to come. Wonder exactly what you need to do to keep your bamboo fence in shape? Here, we offer tips so you don’t […]

Will a Balinese Hut Increase Your Property Value?

When you put your house on the market, prospective buyers pore over every detail of your home. They imagine themselves living there, cooking in the kitchen, sleeping in the bedroom, showering in the bathroom and relaxing in the backyard. A Balinese Hut is a great option for outdoor spaces Special touches in every living space […]