eucalyptus wood durability

Eucalyptus Wood Durability: Perfect for Zoo Construction Projects

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013

Animal housing provides a safe and natural habitat for animals living in a zoo for a number of reasons. Whether they are being rehabilitated for release in the wild, studied for scientific purposes, or bred to ensure the ongoing success of their species, animals have very specific housing needs. Successfully building these projects can be difficult, and using appropriate materials is essential to achieving success. One essential building material is eucalyptus wood is chosen primarily for its durability.  Eucalyptus wood durability is unmatched for stability and safety for the animals.  It’s the natural choice of building materials for zoo construction projects across the world.

More zoos choose eucalyptus wood because it is possible to provide a visually pleasing experience for guests while ensuring that the environment is safe and comfortable for the animals. 

Eucalyptus Wood Durability: See Why It’s Valuable for Zoos

Is Eucalyptus Wood Strong Enough for Animal Habitats?

Many animals living in zoos are large and powerful. Eucalyptus wood durability has unsurpassed strength, which ensures minimal damage to exhibits from their tenants. Animals don’t play by the same rules that people do. Some don’t aim to avoid bumping up against their shelter, so the housing must be stable and durable.

With its natural shades of grey and brown, eucalyptus wood provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to any project.  It keeps guests interested because of its authenticity. Visitors expect a natural design, and eucalyptus lends itself to this.

Learn more about our Eucalyptus Poles in this video.

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Eucalyptus Wood Benefits

  • Eucalyptus is classified a hardwood providing structural supports for buildings.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes from 1”- 8” in circumference and 8’ to 18’ in length.
  • Eucalyptus can be pre-fire retarded and impregnated at the time of pressure treatment to make a safer product. The treatment will not wash off.
  • It is sustainable, versatile, beautiful, and perfect for your upcoming project.

Are you ready for Eucalyptus?

If you’re interested in using eucalyptus wood, we would love to help you! Contact us today for more information on our Eucalyptus products or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309. You can also visit Pinterest and check out some of our work with eucalyptus poles. Get your imagination stirring!

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