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FAQs About Thatch

5 Popular FAQs About Thatch: Understanding the Differences

Even though thatch is a beautiful and unique material for both residential and commercial roofs, sometimes it gets a bit of a bad rap. Well, at amaZulu, we love thatch and don’t want to see its name squandered all over the internet, so we decided to clear up some of those harsh myths floating around […]

Eucalyptus Wood Trellis

DIY Install Your Own Eucalyptus Wood Trellis

Quick and Easy DIY Project – Eucalyptus Wood Trellis The sun can be relentless regardless of where you live.  All of those afternoons outdoors are going to require some shade — lucky for you; it’s extremely easy to install your very own eucalyptus wood trellis! Why Eucalyptus wood? That’s an easy one. Eucalyptus is a […]

Product Spotlight: Faux Fancy Shake Tile

Create Uniqueness with Faux Fancy Shake Tiles No one enjoys roof maintenance. . The roof is the part of your home, office building or store that faces the elements the most; whether it’s intense sunlight, pouring rain, or freezing temperatures, your roof should be able to stand up to anything that comes at it so […]

Using Rustic Materials in Modern Design: Business Edition

Using Rustic Materials in Modern Design: Business Edition Any employee will tell you that the more innovative the workspace, the more creative they feel at their jobs. Sure, it’s normal to have office buildings with plain white walls, average cubicles, and generic motivational posters, but how much more productive do you think your employees might […]

Project Showcase: Make My Backyard Disney

An African Village in your Backyard Imagine walking into your backyard and being immediately immersed into a theme park fantasy land such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom here in Orlando, FL. This isn’t just something dreamed up inside our heads — the team here at amaZulu actually made this happen! In 2011, production studio JayTV approached us […]

Decorative Boards

Tre-Gai Bamboo + Decorative Boards: The Perfect Combination

Strong Tre-Gai Bamboo + Beautiful Decorative Boards Happy Valentine’s Day! On behalf of this holiday of love and admiration, we wanted to showcase two particular products we carry that are just a match made in heaven.  Together, Tre-Gai Bamboo and our various decorative boards can light up a room, add texture and creativity to an […]

Creating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Paradise

A Romantic Valentine’s Day Environment February — the month of love, appreciation, and romance. All across the country and in many other places throughout the world, people express their love and feelings for their significant other through gifts, cards, roses, romantic dinners, or even relaxing vacation trips! It’s the month to get creative! Dinner and a […]

Turn Your Pool Deck Into 5-Star Quality

Make Your Pool Deck a 5-Star Attraction It’s February — before you know it, the sun will be shining again and friends and family will be coming over to catch some rays by your pool. Give them that 5-star resort atmosphere with some new additions to your backyard! Whether you decide to implement a full-on makeover […]

Image of sunlight shining through bamboo forest canopy

DIY Friday: 6 Bamboo Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetie

6 Romantic Bamboo Valentine’s Day Gifts It’s no secret that we love anything and everything bamboo at amaZulu, so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some great and unique DIY ideas we found that will melt your significant others’ heart. Check them out! 1. Make Your Own Bamboo Candle Who doesn’t […]

eucalyptus poles

Eucalyptus Timber: A Sustainable and Versatile Building Material

 Why Eucalyptus is Sustainable, Versatile, and Beautiful We love eucalyptus timber! It’s a beautiful and sustainable alternative to other hardwoods. Even though eucalyptus is a versatile plant, it can be used in many commercial industries worldwide. This versatile building material has helped zoos, resorts and restaurants create unique and head-turning masterpieces.  What are other eucalyptus […]