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bamboo and thatch

Bamboo & Thatch: Withstanding the Test of Time

Bamboo and Thatch: A Long-lasting Combo Here in the US, we love to use natural materials such as bamboo and thatch. We do so for both their beauty and their ability to add warmth to our environments. Whether you’re adding a simple, yet elegant bamboo wainscoting to your living room, or furnishing your pool with an […]

natural bamboo fencing

Decorative Screens: An Alternative to Chain Link Fencing

Installing a brand new fence can be an arduous task and potentially expensive. Yet, if you live in a suburban area, it’s often necessary.  Larger houses keep getting closer and closer together. Using decorative screens over your fence is a great way to give your home some privacy. But it doesn’t have to be an […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Rating With Rustic Materials

How Rustic Materials Help Your Reviews Imagine yourself on a much-needed tropical vacation. You’re probably seeing the sun on your eyelids, sipping an ice-cold daiquiri, feeling the warm heat on your skin and listening to your favorite music. Now imagine your environment: palm trees, clear water, tiki bars and thatch umbrellas. Now that you have […]

building with bamboo

Building With Bamboo in Rainy Climates

Why Use Strong and Sturdy Bamboo in Rainy Climates? Even though we are based in the “Sunshine State,” we tend to get a little rain now and then (or a lot!). But, even in humid climates such as Florida, there is no reason to let the elements deter you from building with bamboo for your […]

Benefits of Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living Benefits Everyone Let’s face it; you’ve heard a ton about this “green movement.” Eco-friendly living. Being sustainable. Caring about the earth. But it just seems like such a hassle! Well, it doesn’t have to be. There are small things that you can do to improve your quality of life and make less of […]

bamboo uses

The Many Bamboo Uses Throughout History to Today

Bamboo Uses Throughout History We love to use bamboo to create beautiful and durable structures, whether to accent your home or garden, or create a fun, themed restaurant, hotel, or other business. But throughout history, bamboo has been used for a huge assortment of different products — some are pretty surprising! Bamboo uses has a […]