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Decorative Bamboo Boards

Getting Innovative With Decorative Bamboo Boards

Project Spotlight: Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa If you’ve ever been to Aruba, you will remember the sunny beaches and beautiful scenery. Among the vivid natural sights is the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. A few years ago, amaZulu had the opportunity to work with Manchebo and bring their visions to life! As a top […]

12 Easy Ways to “Go Green” For Earth Day

Every day is a day to “Go Green” Since 1970, Earth Day has provided environmentalists and average citizens, who want to be more “green”, with a communal day to lower their impact on the environment. And it lets them raise awareness of Earth-friendly practices with friends and family. At amaZulu, Earth Day is important to […]

Image for amaZulu blog post on parrothead party accessories

4 Ways to Create the Perfect Parrothead Party Accessories

It’s Parrothead Party Time It’s Parrothead Season and you know what that means: plenty of margaritas, cheeseburgers, hula skirts, and beach-themed parties! At amaZulu, we absolutely love this time of year because Jimmy Buffett fans aren’t afraid to get creative. Each year, the crafts and beach-themed projects get even better, with innovative uses for products […]

artificial thatch roofing

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Thatch Roofing

The Characteristics of Artificial Thatch Roofing Natural thatch roofing is beautiful, but it can be a lot of work to maintain. Don’t let the fear of constant upkeep and replacement keep you from installing your very own thatch roof covering on your next project!  Instead, we offer you an artificial thatch roofing.  Artificial thatch roofing has […]

wood sealer

Add Years to Your Deck With Wood Sealer

Preserve and Protect Your Deck With Wood Sealer In warm, sunny states like Florida, a relaxing hardwood deck is a must-have for commercial buildings and residences alike. Hardwoods and other natural products can add a warm, friendly, and rustic vibe to any location. However in Florida, hardwood is often at the mercy of fluctuating weather […]