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Natural Seagrass Mats

Product Spotlight: Natural Seagrass Mats

What are Natural Seagrass Mats Looking for a quick and simple way to add some summer into your home or office? Natural seagrass mats are so easy to install and instantly adds a warm, rustic vibe to any room or outdoor area. What exactly is this material? It’s all natural and sustainable, harvested from the […]

bamboo homes

The Bamboo Homes of Bali

Sensational and Beautiful Bamboo Homes of Bali Nestled in Bali, Indonesia is a community that exists to cultivate sustainability and natural building methods. Green Village consists of seven beautiful and 100% natural bamboo homes. It is also home to the Green School, a private institution for Indonesian and international students that promotes sustainable living and […]

Solid bamboo poles

Get Inspired: Using Solid Bamboo Poles to Decorate Your Home

Solid Bamboo Poles Bring your Home to Life Solid bamboo poles are such a beautiful and exotic material that has the ability to easily and quickly add a whole lot of life to your home! The great thing about solid bamboo poles is that it can either be used for extreme construction projects or simple […]

zoo construction

Incorporate Natural Building Materials Into Your Zoo Construction

Creating a natural environment during zoo construction and renovations Whether you are embarking on a new zoo construction project or renovating an existing zoo, no zoo is complete without some top-notch shade structures for both the animals and your visitors.  The use of natural building materials in your zoo construction or renovation will ensure a […]