Natural Opulence: Natural Beauty Meets Sophisticated Design

Posted on: October 22nd, 2014

The design trend we’ve been watching (coined as “Natural Opulence”) is slowly creeping up in homes, businesses, and resorts all across the globe.

Natural Opulence is perfect for those who have an eye for sophistication and an equally pervasive desire to capture the inherent beauty found in the natural environment. The trend is all about combining natural elements, such as woods, fibers, and materials you would find outdoors, with the clean and polished look of an expertly designed locale.

Take Jungle Island for example. You’ll find this park in Miami, FL, a part of the country that epitomizes “Natural Opulence.” Miami is immersed in a tropical, laid-back environment, but amongst the island feel, you’ll find some of the world’s most sophisticated restaurants, shopping areas, and resorts. Jungle Island has recently been undergoing a complete transformation, to combine its love for the natural world with its reputation for holding upscale private events for various clientele. 

Regarding the new concept for the design:

“It aims to bring subtle traces from the enchanting environments of the outside world indoors. Every element within the project ties into the environment in a meaningful and modern way, as most evidently seen in the refined textures, neutral color palette, and blends of wood and fibers.”

Much like Jungle Island, you can transform your home or office with a little natural opulence as well. Many companies, including amaZulu, provide highly unique products that you can’t find at your regular design studios. Following suit, designers and homeowners are choosing to mix and match elements to create entirely new, immersive experiences that people keep talking about.

Take a look at the following photos for inspiration if you are exploring Natural Opulence.

Natural Opulence in Action

Natural Opulence 13

Photo Courtesy of 1 Hotels

Natural Opulence 3

Photo Courtesy of Dan and Mae Hitchcock

Natural Opulence 4

Photo Courtesy of AAStone

Natural Opulence 5

Photo Courtesy of Demoll

Natural Opulence 7

Photo Courtesy of 1 Hotels

Natural Opulence 8

Photo Courtesy of Asian Design

Natural Opulence 9

Photo Courtesy of Ridge General Maintenance

Natural Opulence 9

Photo Courtesy of Agus Darmika

Natural Opulence 10

Natural Opulence 12

Photo Courtesy of Archi Expo

Natural Opulence 14

Photo Courtesy of Elrio Paper

Natural Opulence 15

Photo Courtesy of Agus Darmika

Natural Opulence 16

Got Ideas?

As you can see, there are an infinite amount of ways to bring the look and feel or the natural world together with sophisticated and upscale design and decor. Are your creative juices flowing yet? If you’ve got an idea you’d love to bring to reality, feel free to give me a call at (407) 406-0721 or fill out a contact form for more information. With my experience in natural opulence pieces, I’d be happy to walk you through any conceptualization and consulting you might need.

By: Kay Fitzsimmons

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