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Rolled bamboo fence

5 Unique Bamboo Fencing Products for Creating the Perfect Tropical Environment

Why are bamboo fencing products ideal? From plastic to metal, there are plenty of bamboo fencing materials to select from, but few can capture the true essence of the tropics as compared to natural bamboo fencing.  amaZulu, Inc. offers many types of bamboo fencing products as well as eucalyptus fencing.  We’ve outlined the varieties of […]

faux bamboo

Faux Bamboo Custom Made to Order

Reliable Faux Bamboo: Custom Made and Guaranteed Often we are asked about our natural products lacking exact dimensions. They are unique by virtue of the way they grow or are fabricated with natural material.  They are natural after all, and only as perfect as Mother Nature allows!  Our solution with Faux Bamboo poles compensates for […]

building with bamboo

Construction Grade Bamboo

Products Spotlight: Practical and Sturdy Construction Grade Bamboo As we ring in the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to send our best wishes for much joy and success.  We raise our glasses to a future of prosperity, a world at peace, and a stronger economy! Speaking of strong, this month we are […]