Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing

How It’s Made: Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing – Step by Step Process

Posted on: April 15th, 2015

Synthetic palm thatch roofing is also known as artificial palm thatch roofing is an iconic finish to any commercial or residential structure. Whether it’s your custom outdoor bar, a resort oasis or a fun-filled water park, synthetic thatch roofing is a long-lasting alternative to natural thatch.

The Benefits of Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing

With tones of tan, brown and honey, synthetic palm thatch is also a beautiful alternative to other natural thatch materials. And it has the added benefit of being much more durable.

Synthetic palm thatch panels are created from high-density polyethylene and bound together with a urethane strip. Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic thatch roofing is easy to install. It does not require any specialized craftsmanship. Plus, it only has to be installed once, will remain fire retardant and won’t shed or decay. All of this boosts your ROI as you save money on both labor and materials.

How to install your Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing

Artificial or synthetic palm thatch comes in rolls.  Each palm thatch roll or bundle is 25 to 26 feet in length.

Step One: Start at the Bottom

Attach one synthetic palm thatch panel to the bottom side of the eave. This should be placed about one to two inches from the bottom of the eave. Continue to repeat this step above the eave row of thatch to create a nice, chunky eave.

Step Two: Install the Rest

Stair-step diagonally across the roof using the recommended offset pattern. Maintain a uniform exposure of seven and a half inches.

Fasten panels with roofing nails or staples according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step Three: Cover the Hip

Bend each synthetic palm thatch panel to the size of your hip. Space them evenly to fit two hip courses per each field course.

Step Four: Does Your Roof Have A Valley?

Just install each synthetic thatch roofing panel three inches from the center of the valley. This technique will allow the thatch to lay naturally.

Why does Synthetic Palm Thatch Roofing last so long?

Our Synthetic Palm Thatching products comes with a 20-year limited warranty and is maintenance-free.

It is available with an optional Class A Fire Retardant which is non-Brominated (no heavy metals) and non-Halogenated (nontoxic gas).

Synthetic palm thatch roofing won’t mold, decay or shed, and the entire panel is 100% recyclable. It also resists termites, birds, and other pests that might harm your structure.

An added benefit of our synthetic palm thatch is that it is UV protected, which protects the natural finish.

Benefits of Artificial or Synthetic Palm Thatch

  • Long lifecycle reduces the per year cost of your projects.
  • Recyclability helps the environment and can contribute to LEED points.
  • Can be treated with Fire Retardant to increase safety.
  • Sun-resistance keeps your facility looking new.
  • A product you can trust.

Are you ready to use Synthetic Thatch?

If you’re interested in using thatched roof materials, we would love to help you! amaZulu, Inc. offers high-quality thatch roofing products for all of your eco-friendly and exotic projects.

Learn more about amaZulu’s natural and synthetic thatch options in this video.

Contact us today for more information or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309.

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