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Natural thatch: It’s the natural choice

Posted on: June 30th, 2016

Are you considering natural thatch for your new resort, a zoo, a tropical hideaway, or even a tiki hut?  Here are our favorite natural thatch products that we offer.  You’ll see that natural thatch is a versatile, elegant solution.

3 basic kinds of natural thatch that we offer.

natural thatch - Mexican Palm Thatch

Natural Mexican Palm Thatch natural thatch

1. Mexican Palm Thatch

Mexican Palm Thatch Covers are the “shaggy” style thatch and is great for your backyard island retreat or tiki hut, for example. This type of thatched roof material is the simplest to work with, and it can easily be draped over a bamboo frame or structure.

If natural thatch is used indoors, it will last forever. When using natural thatch outdoors, its life expectancy is about 1-2 years. Regardless if you use Mexican Palm Thatch indoors or outdoors, you will be using the most perfect thatch roof covering. 

See also synthetic Mexican Palm Thatch.





Natural Tahiti Thatch

Tahiti Thatch Roof

2. Tahiti Thatch

Tahiti Thatch is the choice you want if you are looking for a traditional shaggy island look.

It’s great for attaching to open beams on shade structures.

You can also apply it directly to a plywood sub-roof if it is slightly lifted with firing strips.

Because it’s so thick, this type of tiki thatch is great for umbrella canopies, concession stands and even animal exhibits.

Even though this is a natural thatch product, Tahiti Thatch lasts between 5 and 6 years when used outdoors.

Natural Reed Thatch Panels

Thatch reed panels

3. Thatch Reed Panels

If you’re looking for a more refined look, Thatch Reed panels are your answer.

Created from a natural reed which is then bonded together with a flexible urethane top, these panels are ideal of both indoors and outdoors.

As they are nearly waterproof these natural thatch reed panels last between 4 and 5 years, depending on the climate.

Keep in mind that using these materials to create a new green building, or to renovate or retrofit an existing one will mean tax savings and incentives for your project. Congress just breathed new life into 179 D with improved tax incentives.

Natural thatch is an elegant, fun and great-looking way to incorporate sustainable building materials into your next project. Want more information or a quote?  Fill out our form below and let amaZulu, Inc. help you achieve your vision!


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