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Bamboo Sourcing: The Art of Choosing a Trusted Bamboo Supplier

Posted on: August 17th, 2017

Not all Bamboo Suppliers are Created Equal

When you shop for wooden furniture, flooring or outbuildings, you generally ask about the type of wood used in the construction. After all, cedar, oak, maple, pine, pressure-treated lumber and plywood all possess different qualities that make them ideal for certain circumstances and less than suitable for others. Did you know that the same is true of bamboo? With numerous species available and various production methods utilized, not all bamboo products are created equal. That’s why working with a knowledgeable, reputable bamboo supplier is vital.

The Benefits of Bamboo

It’s easy to see why so many people are interested in incorporating bamboo in their design and construction projects. Bamboo is a naturally beautiful material with an undeniable visual appeal. Construction grade bamboo strength rivals that of concrete, steel, wood and brick. Do you have a particularly demanding application? Pressure treating is a necessity to avoid the powder post beetles (opposed to cutting your own bamboo from the garden) adding longevity to your bamboo projects, and adding fire retardants will get your occupational license for commercial applications. If you work with the right bamboo supplier, they can offer you the correct bamboo selection, which can last a lifetime with proper care. Frankly, quality bamboo offers an excellent return on your investment.

Bamboo is also an environmentally friendly, sustainable product. Bamboo can be cut without harming the plant and it regenerates quickly.  That makes it a popular choice for anyone who values eco-friendly and green building procedures.  

Although bamboo is often used in the same way that wood is, bamboo is actually a grass. However, bamboo is much more sustainable than a tree.  It can take 60 years or more for a tree to reach maturity. Some species of bamboo can grow to heights and widths equal to many trees in as little as 60 days. That’s a huge difference. With bamboo, any harvested material can quickly be replaced with new growth, so the impact on the environment is far less harsh.  It’s sad to say, but not all bamboo suppliers practice sustainability.  Make sure to work with a bamboo supplier who will only harvest bamboo that can be replenished or ethical harvesting.  There are too many bamboo forests that are harvested either too soon or too late which affects the quality of the bamboo.

Selecting a Bamboo Supplier

Sourcing bamboo is trickier than it looks. There are more than 3,000 species of bamboo in the world.  However, not all of these species of bamboo are construction-grade quality materials. 

The top questions we encounter are:

  • When and how should it be harvested?
  • How should it be handled after it is harvested?

You’ll want to select a reputable bamboo supplier who can answer all of these questions and is happy to use their knowledge and experience to help you secure the quality product that’s right for your project.

It’s also worth considering the bigger picture. Growing, harvesting, processing, manufacturing and transporting bamboo creates jobs. Ethical bamboo suppliers understand that the cultivation of bamboo can have a major impact on a local economy. They don’t cut corners or partner with fly-by-night operations that use shoddy methods to produce cheap, inferior materials. Instead, a trusted bamboo supplier will actively work to support bamboo harvesting operations that create economic opportunity by producing quality bamboo while also being resource-responsible.

With almost 20 years of experience in providing our clients with ethically sourced, top-quality bamboo, amaZulu is ready to be your source for this fantastic construction material. We’ve carefully selected reliable growers and manufacturers from around the globe to ensure that we can supply you with the natural, high-quality architectural materials that will bring your vision to life. Are you ready to learn more about designing and building with bamboo, thatch, eucalyptus and other similar materials? Contact us today at 877-243-5309 or fill out our contact form below.  One of our design consultants will contact you regarding your project.

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