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Buying Thatching Supplies from a Reputable Roof Thatch Supplier

Posted on: October 27th, 2017

Appearances can be deceiving. Although thatch panels may present a similar look to the untrained eye, there can be subtle variances that make a huge difference in the product’s performance. That’s why it’s vital when sourcing thatching supplies that you choose a reputable thatch supplier when buying thatch. 

4 areas of importance when buying thatching supplies

A Matter of Quality

It’s understandable that thatch roof covering prices are a concern when selecting roof thatch materials, but smart shoppers understand that quality often delivers better value. When you opt to work with an established, trusted supplier like amaZulu Inc., you can be confident that you are receiving quality thatch products that will function as they should and deliver the results that you need to make your project a success.

The Right Thatch Product for Your Project

While two thatch roof panels may appear identical at first glance, there can be differences that aren’t readily apparent that will impact how the panel performs and whether it’s appropriate for your project.

  • If you are purchasing synthetic thatch does it come with weathering test results or are you risking that it fades to white within a year?
  • Do you require a waterproof roof or just a shade structure?
  • Can you tell if a thatch panel has been treated inherently with a fire-retardant? Don’t risk lives and hearsay. Ask for the paperwork to prove it!
  • Do you know if synthetic thatch is a better option for your application?

A reputable thatch supplier will. At amaZulu Inc., we don’t simply want to sell you thatch products. We want to supply you with the right thatch materials for your project, and we will invest the time to learn about your project to ensure you receive the right thatching supplies


You’ve probably heard horror stories of contractors who vanish in the middle of a project or suppliers whose inventory seems to be perpetually on back order. Why take a chance that you’ll find yourself scrambling because materials fail to materialize? Protect yourself and your project’s success by working with a reputable supplier to secure your thatching supplies. With some 15 years of experience in importing natural and synthetic thatch materials, amaZulu Inc. has demonstrated that it can be counted on to deliver on its promises.

A Positive Approach

amaZulu’s network spans the globe, we work with a select group of ethical farmers, craftsmen and manufacturers to harvest and produce an extensive range of natural and synthetic thatch products. This positive approach spurs job creation, bolsters environmentally friendly business policies and provides quality controlled building materials.

At amaZulu Inc., we can deliver the thatching supplies that you need and much more. We’re proud to provide unique, top-quality products, and we understand that incorporating them in your project can present some challenges. Do you need help with estimating, design assistance or fabrication or installation services? Count on amaZulu Inc. Our customization capabilities can take your project to the next level. Contact us today at 352-243-5309 or fill out our online form below to learn more about how we can help you make your next project a success.

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