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Herb’s Mobile Tiki Shack – A Creative And Fun Way To Use amaZulu Products

Posted on: April 24th, 2018

amaZulu is a leading global supplier of thatch and bamboo materials for theme parks, zoos, resorts, water parks and so many other types of businesses.  We love working with businesses to add a tropical element to their property.  And then there’s Herb.  Herb had a dream of having an office on the beach so he could work, surf and lounge at any given time, but buying a condo or an office on the beach was a bit costly. Instead, Herb found a way to create a tropical oasis that he could enjoy every day as well as share with others.  He built his own Mobile Tiki Shack! 

Mobile Tiki Shack






Herb contacted Deb Bromley, amaZulu’s Sales Support Manager and shared his vision.  All it took was a little of this and a little of that to create Herb’s Rolling Oasis. 

In case you’re wondering, here are the products used in Herb’s Mobile Tiki Shack.

Here is Herb’s story:

Living in the cold fall and winter seasons of the Philadelphia area, while spending every summer living/working at the Jersey shore, I developed a fondness for anything tropical or related to the warm tropical/tiki beach culture. I had plans like many warm climate lovers to have a tiki bar in the basement or man cave, but getting these supplies were very difficult outside of cheap party supply stores tiki and tropical decorations. My plans for the tiki bar/man cave were put on hold. As fate would have it, I was relocated by my employer to Florida and my warm tropical dream of living year-round at the beach became a reality.

I found Amazulu online and realized they were just a short ride from where I was located in Florida, so quality bamboo supplies and ideas for my project were easily accessible.  At the same time, I had always wanted to build a custom 70’s style van like I use to see in parades growing up as a child of the 70’s & the 80’s. I bought a van 6 years ago form a friend in Pennsylvania. It was a normal passenger/family van you might ride to school or church events. It was in perfect condition with only 97,000 miles on it even though it was a 40-year-old van. I can’t afford to live in a beachfront home so without a second thought I started planning a mobile tiki shack and beach front “office” themed custom van.

Today I have wireless, a power inverter, extra battery and my laptop & cell phone all hooked up to the van. I park on the beach with the rear and side doors open watching the beach and waters of the Gulf of Mexico while working from the back of the van. I can have lunch and exercise at the beach so now I can jump on my stand up paddleboard and paddle along the Gulf beaches for exercise and have lunch before heading back and taking more work calls in my tiki shack office on the beach. When I’m on a conference call and they ask, jokingly, if I’m working from the beach I send them a picture of my office 🙂 

As a second side project and opportunity, I was always getting asked to go paddle boarding with friends on Sundays. This usually interfered with the family going to church together. I also use the van as my way of going paddle boarding, going to church and reaching out at the same time. I have a 32″ LCD Display and sound bar on the rear door which I stream live church service on while sitting on the beach prior to going out on the water. I bring donuts, coffee and extra beach chairs. All are welcome to hang out and watch service with the family. It’s my little beach ministry and way of reaching people where they are vs telling them they should be in church instead of going to the beach, win-win and great karma for all 😉

Herb, we are forever grateful you found us online.  We absolutely love your Mobile Tiki Shack and wish you much success in your career and in your ministry.

We already know our website is mobile friendly.  Does this mean our products are now mobile friendly?  LOL.  We hope Herb’s story has inspired you to create your own tropical oasis and share it with others.  Give us a call at 877-243-5309 and share your vision with us.  You never know, your story could be next.

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