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Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Thatch Umbrella Capes

Posted on: November 12th, 2018

What makes a hot, sunny day even better? For many people, the answer involves having a shady spot to enjoy it from. That’s why natural or synthetic thatch umbrella capes are a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space. Unlike a traditional thatch umbrella, which consists of multiple layered panels, a thatch cape is a single, circular piece that is easily attached to a suitable frame. If you have umbrellas or similar structures, you can top them with thatch capes to create a relaxing, fun tropical vibe in minutes. 

There’s no question that thatch umbrella capes are a great way to add eco-friendly appeal to any space. The challenge is deciding which type of thatch is best for your needs.

Here are a few tips to help you decide whether to choose natural thatch or synthetic thatch umbrella capes.

Natural Thatch Umbrella Capes 

Natural Thatch Umbrella CapesAs a material, natural thatch is sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. With a delightfully shaggy and decidedly tropical appearance, a thatched umbrella adds a charming element of casual tranquility to virtually any space. It can last indefinitely indoors and for a decade or more when used outside in dry climates. However, natural thatch does have its vulnerabilities.  The upside is that natural thatch cape is truly inexpensive for a great tropical feel.

At amaZulu Inc., we offer gorgeous natural thatch capes in diameters of 9 feet and 12 feet. These lightweight decorative covers can be treated with a fire retardant upon request. Our thatched umbrellas are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 

See our product page for Natural Thatch Capes

Synthetic Thatch Umbrella Capes 

Synthetic thatch capes deliver the aesthetic advantages of thatch while letting you dodge some of the natural version’s practical drawbacks. With a quality synthetic thatch product, there’s no need to worry about mold, insect damage or decay. Whether it’s located inside or outside, a synthetic thatch cape requires no maintenance and comes with a 5-year limited warranty

Synthetic Thatch Umbrella Capes

At amaZulu Inc., we delight in offering innovative solutions. That’s why we created our synthetic thatch Mexican capes. Meticulously crafted from high-density polyethylene plastic, these thatch capes are lush, attractive and durable. They mimic natural thatch with colors that shift from honey to deeper browns. They are also fully recyclable. However, disposal won’t be a worry for quite a while thanks to their longevity. In fact, each synthetic thatch cape comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Synthetic thatch Mexican capes are available in diameters of 7 feet, 8.5 feet, 9 feet, 11 feet and 12 feet. We wanted to make sure that selecting a size was easy and simple. 

See our product page for Synthetic Thatch Mexican Capes

Are you searching for unique tropical tiki-like materials for your next project? Let amaZulu Inc. help. We scoured the world for natural and synthetic outdoor building materials that are safe, sturdy, rapidly renewable and ready for use in residential and commercial construction.

amaZulu is proud to be listed as one of the top global theme park material suppliers. We delight in supplying high-quality, eco-friendly options that are perfect for use in everything from zoos, theme parks and resorts to restaurants, hotels and residential spaces. Please visit our gallery to see some of our more recent projects.

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