Mexican Rain Capes

Top 5 Uses for Mexican Rain Capes and Mexican Thatch

Posted on: June 19th, 2019

Have you ever wondered how Mexican Rain Capes got their name? Once upon a time, this versatile form of thatch was actually worn as clothing. Cultures around the globe knotted together palm leaves to form capes that offered protection from the elements. Today, you’re unlikely to spot someone wearing Mexican thatch. However, there are plenty of other uses for this fun, affordable material.  Presently, Mexican Rain Capes are ideal thatch coverings used to create a tropical oasis in resorts, theme parks, water parks and zoos. 

Facts About Mexican Rain Cape Thatch

Mexican Rain Capes come in three styles.

  • Mexican Thatch Sheets are 48 inches by 48 inches.
  • Mexican Thatch Rolls are 35 inches wide and 40 or 60 feet in length.
  • Mexican Thatch Rounds are circular products available in various diameters, including 7.5 feet, 9 feet and 12 feet.

With so many sizes and shapes to choose from, it’s easy to use Mexican Rain Cape Thatch for your application. Plus, this natural thatch product’s knotty construction means that it can be cut without unraveling. Its plush nature also allows sections to be connected with no visible seams. Mexican Rain Thatch can be installed on both an open frame or plywood. As an added bonus, it can be treated with a fire retardant for safety.

Mexican thatch is one of the most budget-friendly forms of thatch and lasts indefinitely indoors. However, it does have one drawback. It’s unlikely to last more than 18 months outside.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s an amaZulu synthetic version. Our customers love the look and feel of our natural Mexican Rain Capes (Rounds), that’s why we now have a matching Synthetic Mexican Rain Cape. Our synthetic thatch Mexican capes offer both durability and a lush, realistic appearance. Ideal for interior and exterior projects and comes in a 12ft diameter.

Mexican Rain Cape

Uses for Mexican Rain Capes

What can you do with Mexican Rain Capes? These adaptable, user-friendly thatches are perfect for a wide variety of purposes:

  1. Umbrella toppers. Whether you’re poolside, enjoying an outdoor kitchen or inside at a bar, Mexican thatch capes are a simple way to add a tropical flair to your space. Simply drape the round cape over your commercial umbrella or stand and attach it with zip ties. Read more about thatch umbrella capes.
  2. Palapa roofing. Palapa thatch is sure to deliver tropical vibes when topped with Mexican thatch sheets, rolls or rounds. To install the material, staple or zip tie it into place.
  3. Awning covers. With its delightfully shaggy profile, this thatch is a visually pleasing cover for the tops of awnings and other shade structures.
  4. Decorative trims. Do you want to create a relaxed atmosphere? Trimming eaves, tables, bar fronts and other architectural features with this popular thatch are sure to do the trick.
  5. Ceilings. Adding texture to a ceiling is a surefire way to create visual interest. You can place the thatch with the leaves visible between beams to those who think to look up. Alternately, you can draw eyes skyward by showing off the rhythmic pattern of the knots on the product’s back.

Tropical Tristan has prepared a video to show you the different types of Mexican Rain Capes and Mexican Thatch.


Whether you’re drawn to the natural palm thatching materials or find the synthetic option appealing, we are happy to help you. amaZulu is a global Mexican palm thatch supplier who has a wide selection of high-quality, eco-friendly natural thatch products.  Our unique expertise, we can provide materials that are safe, sustainable, and ready for commercial construction. Contact us today at 877-243-5309 to discuss your project.


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