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Top 5 Ways to Use Commercial Polyester Rope & Netting

Posted on: September 16th, 2019

What can you create with commercial polyester rope & netting from amaZulu Inc.? It’s tough to count the ways that you can use these versatile materials because there are so many. After all, this product isn’t indestructible, but it’s close enough. Composed from polypropylene, the synthetic interior is strong and durable. Meanwhile, the exterior jacket is dyed to the molecular level and features a built-in ultraviolet protectant. The result is durable commercial polyester rope & netting that resists nasty weather, doesn’t burn or rot, and won’t shrink if exposed to water or chemicals. It’s a material that survives the test of time in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our commercial polyester rope and netting products have been used in theme parks, water parks, resorts, zoos and so many other commercial applications.  They are versatile, durable and meet Federal safety requirements.

Ways to Use Commercial Polyester Rope & Netting

1, Decorative Elements
Are you striving to create a fun tropical vibe, a nautical feel or a natural look? Rope & netting are ideal elements. Use them to frame signage or serve as a backdrop for a display of photos or memorabilia. Give a three-dimensional pop to bars and counters by using polyester rope & netting as a trim. Do you need to divide the space or direct the flow of traffic without losing touch with the aesthetic? Why not utilize netting as a room divider? You can even use it to create unique shapes and structures. The possibilities are endless when using commercial rope & polyester netting. Let your imagination run wild.

2. Fencing
Stringing rope between poles is a simple way to create a themed barrier. Another favorite in theme parks and zoos is stretching synthetic netting between poles and using a synthetic rope as an anchor for the top and bottom of the netting. Walls and fencing crafted from netting create a visually interesting barrier that doesn’t impede the view of the other side of the wall or fence.

polyester nets

3. Safety Netting
Netting often serves as a safety feature in amusement parks and sports facilities. amaZulu can supply specialty netting that meets or exceeds all Federal regulations for strength and safety. The durability of this synthetic netting means that it fills that need well. Rated for weight-bearing, it can be used as a barrier or to even walk on. All our commercial netting will resist wear and tear from the sun, wind, water and chemicals.  It will stand up to most harsh outdoor conditions.

4.  Bridges
Synthetic rope & netting is often used to theme pedestrian bridges, creating an adventurous and/or exotic look and feel. With its strength, flexibility and ability to withstand outdoor elements, commercial polyester netting is a smart choice. When using synthetic rope and netting, you invite visitors to embark on their next adventure.

DAKL Net Bridge (Large)

5.  Children’s Play Areas
Kids love the chance to explore, climb, run and frolic in a dedicated space. Colorful climbing nets and tunnels delight the kids and give parents a bit of a breather while their kids make use of a safe space as an outlet for their overflowing energy! Strong but soft, polyester netting is a great construction material for play areas. Synthetic netting is rated for walking, climbing and safety and can be used to create a wide range of structures. Do you want to offer a colorful space? Our polyester netting can be dyed, so the design possibilities are endless.

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With so many possible applications, commercial polyester rope & netting from amaZulu Inc. is the perfect pick for projects in restaurants, hotels, theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, zoos and other commercial ventures. How will you use it? Let amaZulu Inc. help you explore the possibilities. Contact us today at 877-243-5309 to learn more about this versatile netting and other eco-friendly construction materials.

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