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Posted on: November 11th, 2019

amaZulu, Inc. has had the privilege of working with many properties across the globe to transform their resorts into tropical havens. Normally, the backdrop is a pristine beautiful blue ocean.  Recently, we worked with Tiki King to create a resort-style pool area that was not on a beach. The goal was to transport you to an island once you set foot in the pool area. See how we helped create a resort-style pool by using beautiful natural and synthetic products including our three favorite products: bamboo, eucalyptus and thatch.

Components of Resort-Style Pool

Scope of Project:

  • Pool Bridge
  • Bamboo Entry Gate
  • Bamboo Shade Structure

Resort-Style Pool Bridge

Resort Style Pool Bridge

Components Used

  • 3/8 Cargo Netting
  • 3 Synthetic Bamboo Poles 
  • 1″ synthetic rope 
  • 5/8″ synthetic rope 
  • 3/8″ synthetic rope 
  • 1/8″ synthetic rope 
  • Eucalyptus poles 

The Challenges

  • The engineer wanted aluminum posts which measured 6″ and 4″. Aluminum isn’t exactly tropical, but it is smart to use in a Florida climate.
  • These aluminum posts needed to be bolted to the side of a concrete bridge and then covered to look like bamboo poles.
  • Our goal was to completely theme the concrete bridge and all the aluminum posts with bamboo, rope and netting so it looked like a tropical net bridge. 

The Strategies

  • Create a tropical environment that will endure the harsh outdoor poolside conditions in a high traffic area.
  • Select products that could be fabricated to meet the requirements of the job.

After reviewing the designs of the resort-style pool area, understanding the client’s final vision, Tiki King and amaZulu set a plan in motion to achieve results.

  • Implement the desired look and feel by using 95% synthetic products.
  • Comply with all the engineers’ structure requirements and roping requirements for strength.
  • All while creating a natural and tropical feel to the bridge.
  • Additional safety features were required by the engineering team as a second defense against horizontal pressure

The Results

  • The aluminum poles were covered with split synthetic bamboo poles to give the look that the post of the bridge were several bamboo poles tied together.
  • The sides of the concrete bridge were also themed with the synthetic bamboo half rounds.
  • The synthetic bamboo wrapped aluminum poles were drilled with holes to allow the synthetic roping to pass through and stretched to accommodate 6000 pounds of pressure
  • The cargo netting was hand-stitched into the 1″ top and bottom rail
  • Additional safety measures were implemented by installing stainless steel eye bolts and 5/8″ rope to attached at each eye bolt and pulled to withstand 8000 pounds of pressure between each pole section. Of course, in order to beautify this new feature, netting was wrapped onto each vertical pole with 3/8″ rope. The ends of the rope were finished off with an old-world touch which is called whipping (it gives it the look of a ponytail) 
  • The top of the poles was covered by hand carving wood caps to blend with the shape of the bamboo underneath them. The caps were then painted to match the bamboo tones below.
  • Eucalyptus poles were used to theme the concrete under the stairs giving a natural tropical feel to the bridge.

Bamboo Entry Gate

Bamboo Entry Gate

Components Used

  • Guadua Bamboo poles 
  • 3/8 Synthetic rope 
  • 304 stainless steel fasteners 

  The Challenges

  • Creating a wrapping pattern that made the structure look like it was being held together entirely by the rope.
  • Cover all the stainless-steel bolts that are holding the structure together 

The Strategy

In order to accomplish the look, the client was looking for, it was important to complete one component at a time on each side with multiple wraps so the structure would look uniform. In wrapping the rope around one joint at a time on each side with multiple wraps we achieved the finished look. 

The client loved the neat layering of rope as well as adding this tropical element.

Bamboo Shade Structure

bamboo shade structure

Components Used

  • Bamboo Poles 
  • 5/8” Synthetic rope 

The Challenges 

This challenge occurs with most jobs requiring bamboo poles.  Bamboo poles are not exactly a uniform size, so when the client is looking for uniform bamboo poles, careful selection is always a factor.  Each pole is measured in diameter to make sure we meet all specifications.

The goal was to line up above each of the lower horizontal beams.

The second challenge was to design a pattern of roping that was simple but did not distract from the beautiful natural bamboo poles.

The Strategy

Originally, the architect had the rope design in one piece, but we knew that if we did it in one piece the rope would overlap several times and would look lopsided due to the overlapping. The solution was to create the boxed IXI with old techniques used for hundreds of years of thatching structures. Each part of the IXI was a separate piece of rope that was melted together and hidden on the top of the structure away from any viewing angle.

Products Used:

The Result was a beautiful Tropical Resort Pool

The customer truly loved this tropical shade structure with the island theme in their resort-style pool area. 

If you’re looking to bring the tropical flair to our resort pool, give us a call.  We can help you with the planning, sourcing and even implementation. 

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