Authentic Palapa Roof

Top 4 Ways to Create the Most Authentic Palapa Roof

Posted on: March 11th, 2020

With a casually lush look that invites relaxation, a palapa umbrella is a popular pick among those who appreciate natural beauty. Why not think bigger? Palapa materials are a fabulous way to create rooftops for a wide range of structures. Palapa roofs are highly sought after for restaurants, resorts, hotels, theme parks, water parks and zoos. Here are the top places where an authentic palapa roof construction would add value and interest to your business.

Ideas for a Palapa Roof Construction

Bars and Concession Stands

Turn a palapa hut into a bar or concession stand to create ambiance for your guests. Whether you’re going for a tropical vibe or simply keeping it natural, palapa thatch fits the bill. This thick, shaggy texture created by those free-flowing palm leaves gives it a little something extra. Using palapa roof materials on concession areas and other points of interest ensure that they’ll be visible without being jarring or an eyesore. Are you concerned about natural thatch near cooking equipment or worried about how it will fare it rough weather?  Even though natural thatch can be treated with a fire retardant, it still has a limited lifespan. Instead, consider a synthetic palapa thatch. While synthetic palapa thatch looks completely natural, this synthetic thatch can be treated with a fire retardant and offers improved durability.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Many people love the idea of dining al fresco, but a lack of shelter can limit the usability of outdoor eating areas. Structures created with palapa thatch allow you to offer your guests a chance to enjoy the fresh air. Palapa thatch also provides shelter from the sun or occasional shower while providing a fun, island-inspired atmosphere. They’re an appealing way to increase traffic and profitability of outdoor dining areas. Use a palapa thatch umbrella at each table. For greater flexibility in seating, install a larger structure with palapa material.

Garden Hideaways

How do you take a garden design up a notch? Install features that encourage people to linger like a beautiful palapa hut. Placing a bench or chairs inside a small, open-sided structure with a thatched roof invites visitors to stop, sit and relax. It also provides a perfect place to appreciate the surrounding flora and the birds and animals that visit it.

Animal Habitats

Zoos and animal parks strive to provide environments that are both practical and pleasing to the animals that live within them. Using natural materials and clever design to create exhibit areas is a smart choice. It also allows visitors to appreciate the animals while providing necessities like shelter, safety and activities.  If there’s a chance the animals might nibble on the thatch, natural palapa thatch roofs are optimal choices when topping animal habitats. While the roof may need maintenance sooner, palapa thatch replacement is a simple and easy process.

If there is no risk to the animals, then synthetic palapa thatch can be used. With their improved durability, longer lifespan, and enhanced fire resistance, synthetic thatches are often the better choice for outdoor roofing projects. This is especially true when unpredictable outdoor elements and public safety are concerns.

Are you ready for a Palapa Roof?

These are just a few of our favorite ways to use palapa thatched roofing as a smart way to add appeal paper writings and real value to a hotel, resort, theme park or zoo. It’s not only palapa thatch, but we can also help you with eucalyptus, bamboo and other green construction materials to enhance your facility.

At amaZulu Inc., we have a deep understanding of natural construction products. When you’re interested in sustainable, cost-effective theming and construction materials that offer creative solutions to real challenges, we’ll help you find them. Contact us today at 877-243-5309 to get started. One of our design consultants will gladly explore ideas on how to create the perfect tropical space in your business.

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