Using Palm Thatch Rolls to Cover your Outdoor Tiki Bar

Posted on: November 12th, 2021

When you’re craving a comfortable space to relax, unwind, and have fun, a tropical vibe creates the perfect mood. What material instantly sets the stage for an island getaway? Thatch is the obvious choice. Gorgeous, sustainable, and easy to install, palm thatch rolls from amaZulu Inc. are the ideal topper for your home tiki bar.

Why Do People Choose Mexican Palm Thatch?
Luxuriously shaggy, Mexican palm thatch adds vibrant color and texture to your space. Unique and attractive, it infuses the warmth of the tropics into any space. It’s also affordable and sustainable. After all, harvesting the palm leaves from the trees doesn’t harm them, so the product is endlessly renewable.

Mexican Rain Capes From amaZulu Inc.
At amaZulu Inc., we delight in sourcing top-quality green building products that enable our clients to transform their homes. When you’re searching for tiki thatch roofing, look no farther than our Mexican rain cape. Also called Mexican thatch roll, duck blind grass, or thatch grass, it’s a great choice for both indoor and outdoor projects that need a tropical touch.

Mexican Rain Cape ExteriorAre you interested in topping an awning, patio cover, tiki hut, gazebo, or outdoor tiki bar?

You’ll simply need to choose a tiki thatch roll in the size that suits your project. If you have umbrellas by the pool or outdoor kitchen, palm thatch rolls will do the trick in minutes. With amaZulu Inc., you can choose from the following Mexican rain cape products:

  • 35″ x 60′ palm thatch roll
  • 30″ x 60′ palm thatch roll
  • 35″ x 10′ palm thatch roll
  • 4′ x 4′ palm thatch sheet
  • 9′ umbrella cover
  • 7′ umbrella cover

User-Friendly Installation with Mexican Palm Thatch
Whether you opt for palm thatch rolls or umbrella covers, installation is easy. It’s generally a do-it-yourself project that requires a few basic tools and perseverance.

With a palm thatch roll, use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of your panels. Cut the roll to fit. Place the first row, shaggy side up, along the bottom edge of the structure’s roof. Attach it with the proper fasteners. Put the next row above it, overlapping the two rows. Continue working until the roof is covered.

When using a cape for an umbrella or hut, start by finding the center of the thatch cape. Mark its center with a piece of string. Next, fold the cape in half with the bottom of the cape facing out. Fold it into quarters. Then, fold it into eighths. Place the cape on the frame. Be sure to align the string marking the cape’s center with the structure’s center. Then, unfold the cape. Attach it using zip ties, staples, or whatever fasteners are appropriate.

Download our Installation Guide for Natural Thatch Mexican Capes

Natural thatch capes will last indefinitely indoors and for one to two years in an outdoor setting. These thatch capes can also be treated with a fire retardant for enhanced safety. However, if you’re completing an exterior project and want a product that is built to withstand the elements, consider our synthetic palm thatch roof products. These items appear natural, but they have a longer lifespan.

When you’re searching for building products that are cost-effective, sustainable, and responsible to make your visions for your home a reality, count on amaZulu Inc. If you have questions about palm thatch rolls or other green building products, contact us today.

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