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Consider a Palapa Umbrella for Elegant Outdoor Shade

Posted on: July 14th, 2022

Are you looking for something distinctive to add that special touch to your outdoor space? Whether it’s a resort, a water park, a theme park or a restaurant, a palapa umbrella will add elegance to any outdoor space. It’s an effortlessly chic solution.

Exploring The Possibilities of Palapas

The word palapa has a tropical vibe, which is certainly appropriate. After all, a palapa thatch is designed for warm, humid nights when you want to make the most of any breeze that blows your way. Traditionally, palapa thatch is often found on a beach. Some larger versions feature a tiki hut sitting area with a palapa roof. But a quick way to enjoy a transformation of any space is with a palapa umbrella. They are stylish, tropical umbrellas draped in lush thatch. The variations make the design possibilities of palapas practically endless.

Enjoying the Benefits Of Palapa Umbrellas

Palapa Umbrellas are a simple way to add character, comfort, and shade to a residential or commercial space.  Whether it’s the patio of a restaurant or hotel, the deck of a pool or a private residence, palapa thatch has so many benefits.

  • Cooling power: Palapa thatch umbrellas increase comfort by cooling the space beneath them. When hot air rises, it’s able to escape through the umbrella. Add that effect to the shade and the cooling breeze, and you’ll enjoy temperatures as much as 10 degrees cooler below the umbrella.
  • Stylish shade: Made from gorgeous thatch, palapa umbrellas add an effortless tropical flair to your space in an instant. The beauty of the material introduces plenty of texture and color. Thatch tiki umbrellas bring a vibrant natural energy that delights the senses.
  • Durability: With amaZulu Inc.’s synthetic palapa thatches, you get a 15-year guarantee. Synthetic thatch has all the beauty of natural thatch. However, it’s built to resist sun, decay, and pests, and they’re 99% waterproof. As a bonus, these products don’t falter when faced with a little stormy weather in the tropics.
  • Compliance: Our synthetic thatches can be treated with fire retardant options to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • Installation: Installation is simple and uses minimal tools. We offer installation guides on most of our products. So you can easily do the job yourself.
  • Replacement: You won’t have to worry about expensive labor costs. When it comes to thatch replacement, just give us a call and you’ll be able to simply buy what you need and install it yourself.

Choosing a Palapa Umbrella

What type of palapa umbrella is the best fit for your space? You may like our Synthetic Viro Thatch Palm. These luxurious panels offer an enchanting mix of browns and tans and a delightful texture. Plus, they can be used to construct umbrellas in a wide range of sizes. Or, you may find our Synthetic Mexican Palm Thatch are more your style. Shaggy, lightweight thatch the color of honey, these capes can be placed over an existing umbrella or stand.

If you need help finding your favorite style of palapa umbrella, reach out to amaZulu Inc. We’ve been sourcing top-quality natural and synthetic theming materials from around the world for over 20 years, and we’re happy to put our expertise to work for you. We’re always ready to help you find exactly what you need for your next project. Contact us today if you need assistance.

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