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Commercial Bamboo Building Materials

Types of Commercial Bamboo Building Materials

Using bamboo as a building material is not new. Bamboo has been used in construction for over 5,000 years. If you’re considering commercial bamboo building materials for your next project, this is for you. Bamboo construction materials are favored when certain elements are sought after. Does your property need a tropical touch with natural beauty? […]

Synthetic Tiki Hut Thatch

Choosing Synthetic Tiki Hut Thatch Roofing for an Outdoor Tiki Bar

When you want the vibrant fun of thatch without the worries about upkeep, amaZulu Inc. has the perfect solution: synthetic thatch. In fact, we offer a selection of synthetic thatches. They range from a small backyard umbrella to an elegant outdoor dining experience for your guests. Here are the synthetic tiki hut thatch products for […]