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Types of Bamboo Poles For Sale | Residential or Commercial

Posted on: September 19th, 2023

Looking for top-quality construction-grade bamboo poles for sale? It can be a simple task if you know what you want. With our wide selection, amaZulu Inc. is ready to provide the perfect products for your next residential or commercial project. Working with an eco-friendly bamboo supplier that only harvests sustainable bamboo poles is important.

As a fast-growing grass, bamboo wins points for sustainability. However, the building community typically treats it like an exotic wood because construction-grade species can offer such amazing durability and hardness. The right bamboo can be harder than oak. As a construction material, bamboo adds a unique flair to any space with its rich color, texture, and character. You’ll find natural and synthetic options when buying bamboo poles. Which type of bamboo poles are right for your project?

Here are the Top Bamboo Poles For Sale


Solid bamboo poles ceiling treatments

Solid Bamboo Poles

Most customers want to buy solid bamboo poles. Their thick walls ensure a sturdy product that’s great for weight-bearing projects. Solid bamboo poles can get the job done if you’re building a structure, a fence, or furniture. Our poles are roughly 1.5” in diameter and available in 8’ and 10’ lengths. You can choose from a natural finish or opt for a polyurethane coat. All products are pressure-treated.

pallet of Petung Bamboo

Petung Bamboo

Also called dragon bamboo or giant bamboo, Petung bamboo is one of the largest species of construction bamboo. Bold and beautiful, its crisp tan poles offer a striking way to make a statement. These large bamboo poles are fantastic for support poles, architectural features, roof beams, decorative items, and more. What size poles will you find? Our standard sizes begin at 2-3” by 12’ and top out at 5-6″ by 18.’

Tre-Gai Bamboo

Tre-Gai Bamboo

A top choice for structural features, Tre-Gai bamboo offers lush shades of tan. Its pronounced nodes make the material’s exotic origins clear. It’s a favorite for Tiki Bar roofing, pillars, and other applications where strength, durability, and dramatic looks are all essential. Our long-lasting poles come in 10’ and 12’ lengths.

Faux Bamboo

While real bamboo is an amazing material, faux bamboo has its uses. It’s not suitable for weight-bearing applications. However, these plastic bamboo poles combine PVC pipe and masterful painting techniques to create reproductions that blend beautifully with natural bamboo poles. Available in tans, greens, and custom hues, they conceal elements like beams or plumbing. End caps are also available.

Synthetic Bamboo Poles - Black RingR

Synthetic Bamboo

Synthetic bamboo poles provide another option for concealing wiring, plumbing, or other construction elements. They’re crafted from extruded HDPE. Notably, the color here goes throughout the product, so there’s no need to worry that a scratch might expose a pole’s secret. That makes them ideal for high-traffic areas and spaces where they might be easily viewed. An optional chlorine-resistant treatment also means these products can be successfully used near pools and other water features.

Let amaZulu help you find the perfect bamboo poles

With so many bamboo poles for sale, knowing which option is best for your project or application can be hard. The team at amaZulu Inc. is always happy to assist you. We’re delighted to collaborate on product selection or assist with estimating or design. If you don’t see the perfect fit, we may even be able to help with a custom order. Contact us today to discover why many commercial and residential clients rely on amaZulu Inc. for bamboo poles and other green building materials.

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