Tristan Ishtar -

Tristan Ishtar

Tristan IshtarTristan brings decades of sales experience, a history of building high-performing teams, and truly understand the values set forth by amaZulu.  A few of our favorite things about Tristan are:

  • After 6 years’ experience with amaZulu, he understands the materials as well as the industry.
  • Obsessed with customer care. In this, he mirrors Claire’s unwavering commitment to put the customer first. Both believe that if amaZulu focuses on doing everything possible to help their clients, amaZulu will ultimately benefit.
  • Never high pressure. That’s not what amaZulu is about and that’s not how Tristan works
  • Your very own consultant. Not sure about which products to use?  Ask Tristan! Tell him about the job and he’ll make sure you get the best materials tor the job. 

In short, whatever you need, Tristan will move mountains to take care of you!