bamboo panels

Top 4 Choices When Using Bamboo Panels

Looking to transform an ordinary space into a more tropical atmosphere in your business? Bamboo is popular for many businesses that want to create a more eco-friendly and stylish tropical decor. This cost-effective building material is easy to install and will transform any room with minimal effort. Our clients love using bamboo wall or ceiling […]


Using Thatch Reed Panels and Bamboo Ceiling Panels

Tropical materials are a terrific touch when you want to brighten up a space, so it’s no surprise that bamboo and thatch are the most popular choices. However, there’s one area that’s often overlooked: the ceiling. Why settle for a bland white ceiling when you can opt for a tropical ceiling design by installing thatch […]

Bamboo Privacy Fencing

Unique Ways to Use Bamboo Privacy Fencing

Bamboo privacy fencing is an excellent product to place around the perimeter of your property. But did you know it has so many other uses? Our bamboo privacy fencing has been used to create order, disguise off-limit areas and add tropical interest to otherwise dull features. Even though bamboo privacy fencing seems pretty straightforward, here […]

Commercial Bamboo Building Materials

Types of Commercial Bamboo Building Materials

Using bamboo as a building material is not new. Bamboo has been used in construction for over 5,000 years. If you’re considering commercial bamboo building materials for your next project, this is for you. Bamboo construction materials are favored when certain elements are sought after. Does your property need a tropical touch with natural beauty? […]

Synthetic Tiki Hut Thatch

Choosing Synthetic Tiki Hut Thatch Roofing for an Outdoor Tiki Bar

When you want the vibrant fun of thatch without the worries about upkeep, amaZulu Inc. has the perfect solution: synthetic thatch. In fact, we offer a selection of synthetic thatches. They range from a small backyard umbrella to an elegant outdoor dining experience for your guests. Here are the synthetic tiki hut thatch products for […]

palapa umbrella comparison

Consider a Palapa Umbrella for Elegant Outdoor Shade

Are you looking for something distinctive to add that special touch to your outdoor space? Whether it’s a resort, a water park, a theme park or a restaurant, a palapa umbrella will add elegance to any outdoor space. It’s an effortlessly chic solution. Exploring The Possibilities of Palapas The word palapa has a tropical vibe, […]

sample of bamboo wall panels

Add a Tropical Touch With These Popular Bamboo Wall Panels

Are you looking to add more pop to your guest experience with a vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere? Then let’s explore bamboo! Bamboo wall panels are a cost-effective way to revamp any area into a tropical hideaway. Bamboo wall coverings encompass decorative mats, decorative screens and bamboo boards. With so many choices, we decided to share […]

Tiki Hut Roofing Material

FAQs of Using Tiki Hut Roofing Material

When you want to add a tropical touch to a zoo exhibit, restaurant or your own backyard, it’s hard to top tiki hut roofing material. At amaZulu Inc. we offer several eco-friendly building materials. Tiki thatch is a favorite option for both residential and commercial spaces. We’ve assembled this handy FAQ to help you know […]

tambour wall paneling

Top 5 Ways To Use Tambour Wall Paneling

 Tambour wall paneling consists of narrow strips of gorgeous bamboo mounted on a cloth backing. The materials produce a natural beauty that’s easy to appreciate. Tambour wall paneling is a favorite among businesses and homeowners alike. At amaZulu Inc., we offer four distinct shades. You can choose from tan, tan with dark burnt nodes, mocha, […]

African Theme Resort - Woven Baobab Tree

African Themed Resort: Kalahari Resort & Convention in Texas

Attending a convention can be fun and exhausting at the same time. That’s why we love this latest project for Kalahari Resort & Convention in Texas. They created a world-class African themed resort for their guests at the convention center. This new resort provides a much-needed sense of relaxation and an invitation to slow down […]