Jacksonville Zoo

The Jacksonville Zoo wanted to theme an extremely large area to create a consistent rustic feel across this 2 ½ acre state-of-the-art primate exhibit. Eucalyptus fencing was a perfect match.

Jacksonville Zoo



Our team needed to evaluable the large primate area and provide a solution that was both safe for the animals as well as create an authentic atmosphere for the guests:

  1. Create an authentic exhibit that transformed guests into a natural habitat for the primates.
  2. Provide a natural product that is safe for the animals and sturdy enough for outdoor elements.
  3. Protect the integrity of the exhibit's natural look.


amaZulu used pressure treated eucalyptus fencing. It was the perfect material because of its look, it’s low maintenance, it’s longevity, it’s easy to work with and is affordable.


The Jacksonville Zoo primate exhibit now has eucalyptus fencing throughout the exhibit. They now have an impressive effect that not only adds an authentic look and feel to the space but also creates a consistent flow to the exhibit.

The new eucalyptus fencing serves as crowd control between animal exhibits as well as creating a safe environment for the animals and guests in the viewing areas.

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