Backyard Thatched Roof Gazebo

Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live... But, it's not tropical. This Pennsylvania homeowner had a traditional gazebo in their backyard and felt it was missing something. So they decided to TIKI things up and bring some tropical vibes to their backyard.

Thatched Roof Gazebo



Application and Cost.
Their traditional gazebo has a hexagonal rooftop and it was 12' in diameter. They can be tricky for many types of roofing materials. He was hoping for an easily applied option. Which also would solve the second challenge; cost.  


After we talked to the customer, we informed them we had a 17’ diameter synthetic thatch cape that fit perfectly. The price was affordable and the installation was so easy, he did it himself.  


Mission accomplished! The couple is thrilled with their new tropical thatched roof gazebo.


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