Universal Studios® - Jurassic Park

Universal® Orlando - Jurassic Park ride at Universal Orlando was a few decades old. They had survived a few hurricanes and the eucalyptus poles were starting to come loose. Therefore, Universal Orlando decided to replace the roof poles and redo the ceiling treatments.

Universal Studios® – Jurassic Park



The challenge was cutting the poles the correct lengths to install them in concentric circles so that there was no overlap. The roofs were cone shaped so this needed to be carefully calculated. Another challenge was installing the new ceiling treatment behind an existing wooden structure. The woven bamboo boards also have a herringbone pattern that needed to all go the same way, so this too needed time and attention.


We planned to install one roof at a time. All the eucalyptus poles were precut to fit the roof, then laid out on the floor and carefully fitted. The bamboo boards of the ceiling treatment were cut into pie shapes so we would keep the pattern in one direction. Installing the boards would take some finesse to cut each individual shape, cover one side in glue and then perfectly slide the boards between the wooden beams.


The shade structure at Universal Orlando - Jurassic Park was restored to it's original beauty. The project was completed on time and on budget! The client was extremely happy with the result and the park exhibit was opened back up for the public to enjoy!

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