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bamboo panels

Top 4 Choices When Using Bamboo Panels

Looking to transform an ordinary space into a more tropical atmosphere in your business? Bamboo is popular for many businesses that want to create a more eco-friendly and stylish tropical decor. This cost-effective building material is easy to install and will transform any room with minimal effort. Our clients love using bamboo wall or ceiling […]

Bamboo Wall Coverings

Why Bamboo Wall Coverings Are Right for Restaurants & Resorts

Bamboo has long been a popular building material because of its sustainability, durability, attractiveness, and versatility. Architects and designers love to incorporate bamboo wall coverings into their tropical decor. These sleek and diverse wall coverings are unmatched in style as a sustainable construction material. See why they are so popular among designers and architects for […]

tambour wall paneling

Top 5 Ways To Use Tambour Wall Paneling

 Tambour wall paneling consists of narrow strips of gorgeous bamboo mounted on a cloth backing. The materials produce a natural beauty that’s easy to appreciate. Tambour wall paneling is a favorite among businesses and homeowners alike. At amaZulu Inc., we offer four distinct shades. You can choose from tan, tan with dark burnt nodes, mocha, […]

Decorative Woven Matting

Add Tropical Elegance to any room with Natural Decorative Woven Matting

The answer is easy if you’re looking for a quick way to add tropical elegance. Decorative woven matting offers the perfect solution because it’s natural, sustainable and affordable. If you visited a tropical resort, zoo or restaurant, chances are they had lots of decorative woven matting.  These decorative materials may have been used as wainscotting, […]

Decorative Bamboo Poles

Decorative Bamboo Poles Are Versatile and Durable

Decorative bamboo poles offer plenty of visual appeal, but these natural and synthetic wonders aren’t just ornamental. In fact, bamboo has been used as a construction material for over 5000 years. Harvested from one of the world’s fasted-growing plants, bamboo poles are a time-tested renewable resource that can be used for a wide array of […]

Decorative Bamboo Board blog

Which Decorative Bamboo Board is Best For Your Project

When you want visual appeal with natural flair and a tropical vibe, decorative bamboo board can get the job done beautifully. Flat surfaces don’t have to be boring surfaces. At amaZulu Inc., we’re delighted to offer customers a variety of decorative bamboo boards. But with so many types of decorative bamboo, which one is best […]

Ceiling Treatments

Top 3 Favorite Tropical Materials for Ceiling Treatments

Do you ever visit a place of business and look at the ceiling?  Probably not. Ceilings, with a few notable exceptions, tend to be fairly plain. At amaZulu Inc., we see that as a missed opportunity. After all, when your goal is to deliver a relaxed tropical vibe, incorporating the ceiling into your design scheme […]

sourcing natural thatch

Sourcing natural thatch in Indonesia delivers a delightful surprise

What I love most about my job is that I get to travel the world, sourcing natural thatch and other materials, from some of the most talented Artisans around the globe. It’s always an adventure as I am never sure what exactly I will find! No two pieces that are carved or weaved are ever the […]

Bamboo as a Building Material

Strong and Sustainable – Using Bamboo as a Building Material

Ancient yet versatile – Bamboo materials are still useful First used in China over 5,000 years ago, there are hundreds of innovative uses of bamboo materials. For millennia, humans used bamboo as a construction material and for practical products like bows, arrows, paper, and bedding. Writing tablets, building materials, and books have been produced from […]

products made from bamboo

Bamboo as a Construction Material – Solid Bamboo Poles | Bamboo Slats | Bamboo Paneling

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.  It’s no wonder people have been using bamboo as a construction material for hundreds of years. As the use of bamboo continues to increase in popularity, we’ve seen this beautiful, eco-friendly material used for furniture, flooring, fences, and even entire structures. Bamboo products used for […]