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Decorative Bamboo Boards

Getting Innovative With Decorative Bamboo Boards

Project Spotlight: Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa If you’ve ever been to Aruba, you will remember the sunny beaches and beautiful scenery. Among the vivid natural sights is the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. A few years ago, amaZulu had the opportunity to work with Manchebo and bring their visions to life! As a top […]

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Decorative Screens: An Alternative to Chain Link Fencing

Installing a brand new fence can be an arduous task and potentially expensive. Yet, if you live in a suburban area, it’s often necessary.  Larger houses keep getting closer and closer together. Using decorative screens over your fence is a great way to give your home some privacy. But it doesn’t have to be an […]

Using Rustic Materials in Modern Design: Business Edition

Using Rustic Materials in Modern Design: Business Edition Any employee will tell you that the more innovative the workspace, the more creative they feel at their jobs. Sure, it’s normal to have office buildings with plain white walls, average cubicles, and generic motivational posters, but how much more productive do you think your employees might […]

Decorative Boards

Tre-Gai Bamboo + Decorative Boards: The Perfect Combination

Strong Tre-Gai Bamboo + Beautiful Decorative Boards Happy Valentine’s Day! On behalf of this holiday of love and admiration, we wanted to showcase two particular products we carry that are just a match made in heaven.  Together, Tre-Gai Bamboo and our various decorative boards can light up a room, add texture and creativity to an […]

How to Install a Tropical Ceiling Treatment

• Our exercise is on the assumption your existing ceiling has a smooth surface. (If you have a popcorn ceiling the popcorn would need to be removed first or if this is a new ceiling, the boards can attach directly onto the joists). • Use a stud finder to locate where the joists are and […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Seagrass Mats

 Seagrass Mats Will Surprise You Seagrass is a natural material that can be used as a wall or floor covering. Surprisingly, seagrass mats have many creative applications for commercial and residential projects. Seagrass mats are not just for projects with a tropical vibe. Depending on how the edges and seams are finished, it also works […]