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Orlando water park

Enjoying the Relaxing Pacific Islands at an Orlando Water Park

Having fun in an Orlando water park may be easy, but creating a stunning, world-class vacation destination that offers the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement takes ingenuity, creativity and a willingness to ensure that every detail is just right. That’s why Universal Creative, the team behind Universal’s Volcano Bay, enlisted the services of amaZulu, […]

natural bamboo fencing

Decorative Screens: An Alternative to Chain Link Fencing

Installing a brand new fence can be an arduous task and potentially expensive. Yet, if you live in a suburban area, it’s often necessary.  Larger houses keep getting closer and closer together. Using decorative screens over your fence is a great way to give your home some privacy. But it doesn’t have to be an […]

Natural Bamboo Screen

The Advantages of Using a Natural Bamboo Screen as a Garden Fence

When creating a backyard garden, it is essential to think about the materials you want to use as your garden walls and fences that will best suit your requirements. The materials you choose will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space. If you already have certain elements like a chain-link […]

Disguising Your Chain Link Fence with Decorative Bamboo Fencing

While chain-link fences are totally practical and effective for delineating the perimeter of a property, they fail on several fronts. Chain-link fences do not provide privacy, they do not enhance the look of the landscape, and they do not complement design themes.  Say goodbye to chain-link fences and hello to decorative bamboo fencing.  Bamboo fences […]

seagrass mats

What You Didn’t Know About Seagrass Mats

 Seagrass Mats Will Surprise You Seagrass is a natural material that can be used as a wall or floor covering. Surprisingly, seagrass mats have many creative applications for commercial and residential projects. Seagrass mats are not just for projects with a tropical vibe. Depending on how the edges and seams are finished, it also works […]