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Top 5 Uses for Eucalyptus Wood

Top 5 Uses for Eucalyptus Wood

What is Eucalyptus Wood? With natural forests disappearing at a rate of some 36 million acres each year, exploring sustainable construction products is smart. Eucalyptus Wood is also known as Eucalyptus Hardwood is harvested from a family of fast-growing tropical shrubs and trees. It’s gorgeous, environmentally friendly, easy to work with and incredibly practical. It’s […]

12 Easy Ways to “Go Green” For Earth Day

Every day is a day to “Go Green” Since 1970, Earth Day has provided environmentalists and average citizens, who want to be more “green”, with a communal day to lower their impact on the environment. And it lets them raise awareness of Earth-friendly practices with friends and family. At amaZulu, Earth Day is important to […]

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Benefits of Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living Benefits Everyone Let’s face it; you’ve heard a ton about this “green movement.” Eco-friendly living. Being sustainable. Caring about the earth. But it just seems like such a hassle! Well, it doesn’t have to be. There are small things that you can do to improve your quality of life and make less of […]

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Truths and Myths about Green Building Materials

Separating fact from fiction for green building materials Many construction companies are going green and seeking out sustainable, renewable resources to use in their commercial projects. That’s because their clients have come to understand that that planet is impacted by construction choices. Still, some companies think that using green building materials are too expensive, and […]

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The Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Resources

Help yourself and the planet with environmentally friendly resources As our population grows and more of the world’s surface is covered with our buildings, it becomes ever more important that we safeguard the earth’s natural resources. One resource we cannot do without is trees, which clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. Because we do […]

Creating an Eco-Friendly Environment for your Spa

Think of the great spas of the world, like Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize or Como Shambhalla Estate in Bali, and you will recognize they have three things in common: distinctive design features, lush gardens and eco-friendly materials used for the construction of architectural elements and decor both indoors and out. Because your surroundings are such […]

Benefits of Sustainable Materials: Bamboo

Discover the Benefits of Remarkable Bamboo Why is it important to use sustainable woods in building construction? If you are working toward LEED certification, materials make an enormous difference. If you are concerned about the deforestation of slow-growing trees, you should know your other options. When you scrutinize the qualities that various woods have, you […]