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Incorporate Natural Building Materials Into Your Zoo Construction

Creating a natural environment during zoo construction and renovations Whether you are embarking on a new zoo construction project or renovating an existing zoo, no zoo is complete without some top-notch shade structures for both the animals and your visitors.  The use of natural building materials in your zoo construction or renovation will ensure a […]

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Add Years to Your Deck With Wood Sealer

Preserve and Protect Your Deck With Wood Sealer In warm, sunny states like Florida, a relaxing hardwood deck is a must-have for commercial buildings and residences alike. Hardwoods and other natural products can add a warm, friendly, and rustic vibe to any location. However in Florida, hardwood is often at the mercy of fluctuating weather […]

Eucalyptus Wood Trellis

DIY Install Your Own Eucalyptus Wood Trellis

Quick and Easy DIY Project – Eucalyptus Wood Trellis The sun can be relentless regardless of where you live.  All of those afternoons outdoors are going to require some shade — lucky for you; it’s extremely easy to install your very own eucalyptus wood trellis! Why Eucalyptus wood? That’s an easy one. Eucalyptus is a […]

Project Showcase: Make My Backyard Disney

An African Village in your Backyard Imagine walking into your backyard and being immediately immersed into a theme park fantasy land such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom here in Orlando, FL. This isn’t just something dreamed up inside our heads — the team here at amaZulu actually made this happen! In 2011, production studio JayTV approached us […]

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Eucalyptus Timber: A Sustainable and Versatile Building Material

 Why Eucalyptus is Sustainable, Versatile, and Beautiful We love eucalyptus timber! It’s a beautiful and sustainable alternative to other hardwoods. Even though eucalyptus is a versatile plant, it can be used in many commercial industries worldwide. This versatile building material has helped zoos, resorts and restaurants create unique and head-turning masterpieces.  What are other eucalyptus […]

eucalyptus wood durability

Eucalyptus Wood Durability: Perfect for Zoo Construction Projects

Animal housing provides a safe and natural habitat for animals living in a zoo for a number of reasons. Whether they are being rehabilitated for release in the wild, studied for scientific purposes, or bred to ensure the ongoing success of their species, animals have very specific housing needs. Successfully building these projects can be […]

eucalyptus myths

A Growing Interest in Eucalyptus Hardwood

Why Eucalyptus Hardwood is so Popular Many people aren’t aware of the far-reaching benefits of eucalyptus hardwood in construction. Recently, eucalyptus has become a popular alternative to more traditional types of wood. These include oak, maple, ash, cherry, and pine. This popularity is due to its natural beauty, affordability, durability, and resistance to damage. But […]

eucalyptus myths

Eucalyptus Myths Debunked

Here Are Some Sensational Myths About Eucalyptus. We Debunk Them. Because Eucalyptus wood is new to the U.S. commercial market, there are some unfortunate myths about it. Ones that may cause you to doubt its effectiveness and reliability for construction. Below, read amaZulu’s responses to the most common bits of misinformation out there. Myth: Eucalyptus […]

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Product Spotlight: Using Eucalyptus Wood – A Sustainable Hardwood

Shining a Light on Wonderful Eucalyptus Wood When you’re searching for eco-friendly building materials, you don’t have to sacrifice the other qualities you want. Eucalyptus wood, a fast-growing hardwood, is sustainable because new growth only takes a few years to mature. It is desirable because, unlike other timbers, it has very little taper over long […]

How Eucalyptus Sizes Up To Traditional Wood

How Eucalyptus Wood compares to Other Hardwoods Why is it important to use sustainable woods in building construction? If you are aiming for LEED certification, the building materials you choose make a huge difference. If the deforestation of slow-growing trees worries you, you should explore other options such as eucalyptus wood. Is Eucalyptus Wood Sustainable? […]