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Product Spotlight: Faux Fancy Shake Tile

Create Uniqueness with Faux Fancy Shake Tiles No one enjoys roof maintenance. . The roof is the part of your home, office building or store that faces the elements the most; whether it’s intense sunlight, pouring rain, or freezing temperatures, your roof should be able to stand up to anything that comes at it so […]

Bamboo Wall Coverings

The Beauty of Bamboo Wainscoting

We typically think of wainscoting as painted wood trim rising from the floor to a few feet or even halfway up a wall.  Indeed, it’s is defined as “the lower three or four feet (about one meter) of an interior wall when finished differently from the remainder of the wall.” One of the upcoming trends […]

Faux Roofing Tiles

The Advantages of Faux Roofing Tiles – Faux Slate Roof Tiles

Take a drive through the Hamptons next time you’re on Long Island, and you won’t be able to escape the houses roofed with cedar shake roofing shingles. If you’ve always coveted that style, you might have second thoughts about actually taking the plunge because of the maintenance required. However, faux roofing tiles, like cedar shake […]